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EuroGEO Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe

EOwiki aims to support the awareness and the communication of EO activities from academia, research and the commercial sector. It is a tool to display to non-EO users how EO is currently used, develop the awareness of EO users which are not specialists and to promote EU capabilities.

EOwiki for e-shape will enhance the promotion of the e-shape pilots and the engagement with new communities of users: starting from the EO taxonomy, the web user can navigate and identify how EO is used through the e-shape success stories, enhancing the visibility of the e-shape pilots. The platform – through the e-shape capacity building best practices – helps pinpointing gaps and opportunities from the end-user point of view, and presenting trends on technology and marketplace developments.

EO Taxonomy

This area provides the top-level structure of the taxonomy of Earth Observation services, helping to define a common language of EO products and services between communities. Here, the web user can find EO services organised at market and thematic level.

Best practices

This  section provides comprehensive insights into user-related challenges and geo-information requirements coupled with concrete Earth Observation services.


e-shape aims to support the long-term economic sustainability and – where applicable – the commercialisation of each pilot. This section through the Technology Watch and Market keeps you up to date on the latest technology and applications on products and services in the remote sensing sector.

Discover the e-shape sustainability booster featuring a suite of services: market and technology trends, policy priorities, intellectual property rights and business guidance.

Success Stories

This area provides the e-shape pilots success stories per corresponding showcase. The table is intended for interested user communities to facilitate the identification of relevant applications for the user. For this purpose, these success stories provide the potential user with customer experience, needs, challenges, and final operational results allowing the best understanding of the service added value. To know more about the e-shape pilots communication success stories and how they achieved the e-shape objective, click here.

Showcase AgricultureShowcase HealthShowcase EnergyShowcase EcosystemShowcase WaterShowcase DisastersShowcase Climate

The Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture Showcase; Remote Sensing Based Crop Monitoring For Early Warning - The GEOGLAM Crop Monitor Impact

The GOS4M Knowledge Hub Designed For End-Users To Assess The Effectiveness Of Measures Undertaken Under The Minamata Convention On Mercury

High PV Penetration In Urban Area

EO Data In Support Of Protected Areas Monitoring

EOs Adding Value To Historical Water Availability And Quality Information Services

Integration Of EO And Model Data For The Monitoring Of Volcanic Plumes Critical To Aviation: The Mt Etna Case Of 12 March 2021

Harvester Season

Identification Of Synergetic SDGs Using Heterogeneous Data And Deep Learning ModelsEYWA - EarlY WArning System for Mosquito-Borne DiseasesOffshore Winds And ResourcesValorising Long-Term Observation DataHow Satellite Earth Observation Can Help With Monitoring For The Water Framework DirectiveA complete meter-hydrological chain to support early warning systems from weather scenarios to flooded areas: the Apollo medicane use caseSuccessful Integration Of EO-Based Observations And Machine Learning In Spring Peak Flow Forecasting
DynaCrop – Unlocking EO Services For The Food Production Value ChainGlobal tool for POPs monitoring

A solar nowcasting, forecasting system and atlas to guide energy management and planning in Egypt

Optimizing Biodiversity Conservation in the Tropical Andes: Tailoring Essential Biodiversity Variables to Policy NeedsHow observation of Sargassum west of Africa helps the Caribbean to prepare for seasonal influxes of SargassumImproved well-field management with Sentinel-1 SAR dataSeasonal and decadal climate predictions for German state capitals

The Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture Showcase; Supporting Agro Industry With Data

Proactive pipeline maintenance with Rheticus Network AlertFlood Risk & Impact assessment through automatic change detection of S-1+S-2 images (FRIEND pilot)

Sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts for winter maintenance activities in cities

European Earth Observations Leading Global Vineyard Innovation

Simple Water Visibility Information for Dive PlanningMountaiNowFuture climate projection of heat indices for Austrian major cities

Agrowth: A Satellite Based Crop Monitoring PlatformCRITERION service

Sub-seasonal to seasonal predictions for tyre companies

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