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Earth Observation service for SDGs indicators assessment (2.4.1 and 15.3.1) based on our methodology of 10 m agricultural land productivity and crop type mapping on Sentinel-2 data as well as Sen-4-CAP. 

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GEOGLAM, Ministries of Ecology and Natural Resources, Ministries of Agriculture, private companies on the agricultural monitoring and remote sensing data analysis, Universities and Research institutions

  • Agriculture
  • Land use / Land cover
  • Biodiversity / Land Ecosystem

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine

Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center  of the State Emergency Service


The biggest technical challenge in this project consist in the extension of the existing methodology from the pilot area to the country level products. For solving this challenge, we will use Sen4CAP software, however run it for Ukraine and some of EU country could still be a challenge. Another challenge is implementation of custom field boundaries on vector-based products offering for neighboring countries with the use of Sen-4-CAP.

  • SDGs indicators monitoring (15.3.1, 2.4.1);
  • Providing land cover and in-season crop specific maps on regular basis;
  • Crop area estimation and land cover change detection;
  • Estimation of land productivity based on time-series of satellite data

Learn more about the service: Due to the Russia-Ukrain war, the Ukraine Food Security  will be presented.

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