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eoSCAN is a tool for users and service providers to consult the latest up-to-date sector news and documents from the Earth Observation industry. The news are updated daily and will allow the users to discover and surf the different sections. You can make use of the archive and search function to browse the news of the past months.


Corporate News(star) Thanks to contributions from  ©Terrawatch Space

  • Earth-i, a UK-based EO startup is joining hands with Planet to build environmental monitoring solutions for the UK’s Rural Payments Agency.

  • EO data marketplace SkyWatch partnered with Satellogic to have the data available on their platform, while another EO data marketplace UP42 partnered with SAR data provider Umbra;
  • EO satellite provider SATLANTIS is partnering with Dotphoton, a company specialising in building image compression software;

  • EO data platform UP42 is teaming up with Israeli EO satellite operator ImageSat International (ISI) to provide access to 30 cm resolution optical imagery from the ISI's EROS NG satellite constellation;

  • Esri is integrating its ArcGIS mapping platform with Microsoft Azure Space to enable access to real-time data access and analysis capabilities;

  • Estonian startup KappaZeta, which builds agriculture and forestry solutions based on SAR data has raised €480K
  • European Space Imaging (EUSI), a satellite imagery provider is partnering with SAR satellite operator Umbra to offer SAR data to EUSI’s customers;

  • GHGsat Raising US$44M underscores GHGSat's leading position in greenhouse gas emissions intelligence and demonstrates strong investor confidence in the company.
  • Hyperspectral satellite operator Pixxel is partnering with EO marketplace SkyFi to integrate its hyperspectral data into SkyFi's platform;

  • Maxar has reorganised into two separate businesses: Maxar Space Infrastructure and Maxar Intelligence, along with some job cuts
  • Satellogic has signed an agreement with Skyloom with plans to integrate Skyloom’s optical communications terminal onto Satellogic’s satellites which will reduce data downlink latency. Satellogic + SkyWatch announce a new EO partnership. 

  • Pixxel is partnering with geospatial solutions firm Sanborn to provide hyperspectral data from its satellites for developing applications across agriculture, forestry, mining and other verticals
  • Satellogic provided financial results for the first half of 2023, in which it reported $3.2M as revenues, a 33% year-over-year growth along with plans to redomicile the company in the US, from the British Virgin Islands.

  • Smallsat manufacturer Open Cosmos raised $50M in a Series B round to expand its EO satellite business, from investors including technology consulting firm Accenture
  • SynMax, a geospatial intelligence company focused on the energy and maritime sectors, has acquired Gas Vista which offers an energy trade flow analytics & visualisation platform
  • SkyWatch is teaming up with SatelliteVu to enable access to the latter’s thermal infrared satellite data on its platform;
  • VIDA, a German EO analytics startup raised €3M to provide physical climate risk information for infrastructure-related investments
  • Wyvern, a hyperspectral imaging startup, has partnered with space infrastructure firm Loft Orbital, securing capacity on a Loft Orbital satellite with a hyperspectral payload.

  • AWS is partnering with the Indian space agency ISRO and its commercial space arm IN-SPACE to support EO-related, cloud-based solutions;

  • Data from the Sentinel-1 satellite are being used to analyse how the ground has shifted as a result of the earthquake in Morocco.

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

  • American Airlines, through a collaboration with Breakthrough Energy and Google, demonstrated a method to reduce aircraft contrails ¹using data from weather satellites (but scaling this might not be an easy task)
  • Delos Insurance, which offers wildfire insurance products based on EO has raised $7.3M in a seed extension round;

  • EO data distributor SkyFi has unveiled geospatial analytics features on its platform, called SkyFi Insights, as well as the availability of open EO data;

  • Ground segment provider KSAT is implementing an integrated satellite tasking, data reception and processing platform for near real-time delivery of ship detection services;

  • Location platform MapBox has closed $280M in a Series E funding round, led by SoftBank to expand its map offerings for the automotive industry
  • New Partnership To Bring Transparency To Forest Carbon Projects
  • Satellogic Selects Skyloom Optimal Terminals for EO Satellites
  • Techstars announced the 12 startups joining its Space Accelerator, including EO startups Esper, Little Place Labs and PierSight Space
  • These 25 Companies Own Most of the Satellites in Space

  • Weather intelligence firm is expanding its recent Series E funding round by $22M (to the $87M raised in June), including from strategic investors such as the UAE’s Strategic Development Fund

  • Ball Aerospace was awarded a contract worth $487M to deliver a hyperspectral infrared sounder for NOAA’s GeoXO satellite constellation;

  • Greenhouse monitoring EO firm GHGSat closed a Series C1 funding round of US$44M, which includes strategic investors such as the Japan Energy Fund and the Government of Québec;

  • SpaceChain, a Singapore-based startup that has integrated blockchain nodes into satellites, unveiled an AI-based platform called I-Sat, an interactive tool to answer questions with Earth observation data;

  • SAR satellite company Iceye was selected by the Government of Australia to supply flood and bushfire hazard data used for disaster response;

  • Spire was selected by Estuaire, an aviation data analytics startup to provide satellite and terrestrial ADS-B data;

  • Wildfire monitoring EO startup OroraTech, won a contract from the Forestry Corporation of New South Wales, essentially an extension of their current partnership to improve wildfire management in Australia;

  • Weather forecasting startup Salient Predictions was awarded a grant from NOAA to advance their AI-driven water availability forecasting system, capable of predictions up to 52 weeks ahead.

  • Earth Observation Satellite Market 2023-2031 Market Insight

  • GHGsat Access it today, and see our monitoring activity for Q2 2023
  • The State of the Climate Report a peer-reviewed, international annual review of the world’s climate from more than 570 scientists in over 60 countries, was released which showed that greenhouse gas concentrations, global sea level and ocean heat reached record highs in 2022.

  • Planet reported revenues of $53.8M for Q2 2023, with major contracts from institutions such as the UK Rural Payments Agency and the US Space Force';

List of capdev meetings at CEOS

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Corporate News(star) Thanks to contributions from  ©Terrawatch Space

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

  • Google, together with Woodwell Climate Research Center, has won a $5M grant to create satellite-based analysis methods for permafrost monitoring in the Arctic, leveraging data from public and commercial sources
  • Luxembourg-based radio frequency monitoring startup Kleos Space has filed for bankruptcy, due to launch delays, satellite development issues, and challenges with accessing capital
  • Iceye Awarded 1st NASA Task Order Under Satellite Imagery Acquisition Contract
  • Hyperspectral satellite startup Pixxel won a grant from the Ministry of Defence to manufacture miniaturized multi-payload (optical, SAR, infrared, hyperspectral) satellites for the Indian Air Force
  • Space-related security and defence projects funded through the EDF
  • Spire Global Extends Contract with NASA for Earth Observation Data 
  • Spire won a €16M contract from ESA to demonstrate a civil aviation tracking constellation that would not rely on any global navigation satellite system
  • The US Space Force will receive $40 million for a pilot program to evaluate the use of commercial imaging satellites in support of military operations
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy will provide more than $1B in funding to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, which includes tools to monitor methane emissions

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Corporate News

(star) Thanks to contributions from  ©Terrawatch Space

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

List of capdev meetings at CEOS

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Corporate News

(star) Thanks to contributions from  ©Terrawatch Space

  • Ball Corporation, which owns Ball Aerospace, which has built several Earth science instruments for NASA/NOAA missions, is exploring a sale of the business unit for more than $5B

  • BlackSky was awarded a multi-year contract worth more than $30M to provide on-demand, real-time high-frequency imagery services to an international defence sector customer
  • Capella Space was awarded a multi-year agreement by NASA, with contracts that could be valued at $7M per call
  • Fleet Space, which is building a constellation of IoT satellites to connect its proprietary tomographic sensors used for mining exploration applications has raised $33M in a Series C round
  • Global Fishing Watch, a non-profit focused on monitoring global fishing was awarded a $60M contract by the Audacious Project for openly mapping and publishing human activity on the oceans
  • GRASP Global, which plans to deploy a constellation of satellites for air quality monitoring launched its platform to provide air quality forecasting;
  • Hydrosat is acquiring IrriWatch, a Dutch early-stage agriculture analytics startup
  • IGN launched a new public-private partnership initiative to integrate solutions from EO startups into ecological mapping projects
  • Kleos is joining hands with defense corporation General Atomics to derive insights from RF data

  • Muon Space, a bespoke EO satellite provider, launched its first demonstration satellite and unveiled plans for its Climate Constellation

  • Nuview, which aims to launch a constellation of lidar-equipped satellites has raised $15 million including from Leonardo DiCaprio. NUVIEW, which plans to launch a constellation of lidar-equipped satellites won a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense, worth $2.75M

  • Orbital Sidekick and EOS Data Analytics, a Ukraine-based EO company that plans to launch a constellation of optical imaging satellites have received the first images from their recently launched initial satellite(s)
  • Planet is partnering with the UAE Space Agency providing access to its data to build a regional loss and damage solution for climate change resilience; Planet also announced partnerships with AI data analytics providers - synthetic data startup, Synthetaic and South Korean startup SI Analytics
  • Prométhée awarded a contract to French satellite player Hemeria, to supply the first satellite of its planned EO constellation, followed by an additional 20 satellites, all equipped with multispectral sensors
  • Reask has raised $4.9M in seed funding to continue scaling its global risk mapping and forecasting products
  • SatelliteVu, which aims to launch an EO satellite constellation to acquire thermal infrared data has raised $15.8M in a Series A-2 round
  • Sidus Space, which offers space-as-a-service for EO announced that its satellite equipped with multispectral, hyperspectral and edge compute capabilities in 2024
  • Spire announced that the two satellites which were launched on the SpaceX Transporter-8 mission were equipped with optical inter-satellite link payloads, aimed at reducing data latency and increasing data security;Spire is collaborating with BlackSky to build a maritime solution to automatically detect, identify and track vessels in real-time, fusing data from their two sensors - radio frequency (RF) and high-res optical imagery

  • SkyFi is joining hands with very high-resolution, stratospheric imagery provider Near Space Labs. SkyFi, which offers an application for the on-demand acquisition of satellite imagery, has raised $7M in a seed round
  •, a weather intelligence company building a constellation of satellites with precipitation radars and microwave sounders raised $87M in a Series E round (more, if you want to understand the weather market)
  • Whereobots, a startup building a geospatial platform for enterprises closed a $5.5M seed round.

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

  • As greenhouse gas emissions reached an all-time high, a new study provides an update on the indicators of the state of the climate system and human influence, some of which uses EO data to compare the state of indicators used in IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), published in 2021

  • deep-dive that provides an excellent report on the state of forest monitoring and how advancements in EO will help improve it further;

  • EU Maritime Security Strategy in this article published by GEOsmart Magazine.

  • EO startup Impact Observatory announced the launch of IO Monitor, a global mapping and monitoring product to classify land use and land cover
  • Earth observation SPACs seek best political and financial strategy

  • ESA project will demonstrate how artificial intelligence could use satellite data to help certify organic cotton farms in India to prevent fraud;
  • greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, researchers found that of the 133 developing countries studied for progress towards providing regular GHG inventories, over half of them still struggle to report GHG emissionsGoogle Earth Engine became a key tool for monitoring deforestation around the world

  • Google announced the global launch of its AI-driven flood forecasting platform, Flood Hub, which uses satellite data along with other sources
  • Lightning Imager animations can be found in the media kit here.
  • Iceye unveiled a new imaging mode that can distinguish human-made and natural objects and highlight moving vehicles, by having the satellite focus on an area for 25-seconds
  • investigative article that shows how satellite data used by the non-profit Global Fishing Watch is used to catch illegal fishing
  • The Copernicus Marine Service is organising a two-hour training workshop to help journalists and science communicators better appreciate the importance of Copernicus marine data in storytelling (piece)

  • UNOOSA report on the role of space technologies in the world, which recently exceeded a population of 8 billion
  • Vegetated Land Cover Characteristics (VLCC): A New Era of Land Monitoring

  • Wildfires: article that tells you everything that you need to know about understanding wildfires
  • WMO article that shows how the economic costs of weather-related disasters have rapidly grown but early warnings have saved lives;
  • Climate risk analytics provider Jupiter Intelligence announced that Fannie Mae, a mortgage-backed securities firm will be integrating Jupiter’s products for climate risk assessment
  • Unlocking the full potential of Earth Observation in Europe is the theme of EXPANDEO 2023, the annual conference of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC), which is taking place in Brussels 13 – 14 June.
  • Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, is happening 13 – 16 June in Munich. Come learn how the industry is using EU Space to, for example, find the best location for placing solar panels.
  • ESA Commercialisation Days event Transportation - 27 November 2023
  • How do you innovate in uncertain times? EU Space can help! To learn more, join EUSPA at EBN2023, the largest gathering of European incubators, accelerators, science parks, innovation centres, and innovation supporters of all kinds. That’s taking place 14 – 15 June in Brno, Czech Republic.

List of capdev meetings at CEOS

Materials (openly accessible) from ESA’s training course on EO (+ an upcoming SAR course focusing on Polarimetric SAR Interferometry )

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Corporate News

EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing companies, is conducting an industry survey to map the state and health of companies providing EO services in Europe. Will you contribute?

  • Airbus will also supply satellite imagery from its Pléiades Neo constellation to Nestlé for its reforestation efforts

  • Albedo, another US-based EO startup won a $1.25M grant from the US Space Force - the company is launching a constellation of satellites into very low Earth orbit to collect high-resolution imagery (10 cm) and thermal data
  • BlackSky, through its reseller Telespazio, will provide the Spanish region of Aragon with first-ever high-cadence, low-latency satellite imagery services

  • LiveEO received an €800K grant from ESA to develop monitoring services for the forestry sector and insurers based on satellite data and AI

  • CropX, an Israeli agtech startup that offers a farm monitoring solution based on data from in-situ sources and satellites raised $30M in Series C funding
  • Hydrosat, a US-based EO startup raised $20M in private investment and government grants to acquire daily thermal infrared data for plant water stress monitoring among other applications

  • Iceye has announced the Beta release of its Wildfire Insights product aimed at the insurance sector

  • Maxar expects the first two of its Legion satellites to launch this summer providing high-resolution imagery (30 cm), and plans to add two more to the planned six-satellite constellation

  • Maxar Goes Private After Advent International Deal Goes Through 
  • Nuview, a US-based startup that aims to launch LiDAR-equipped satellites came out of stealth mode, while also announcing that it closed its first round of funding last year and that it has also won a government contract

  • Norwegian ground segment services firm KSAT was selected by the European Maritime Safety Agency to provide SAR monitoring services

  • Planet and UAE Space Agency Forge Climate Change Partnership
  • Planet Italia, an EO services company won two contracts worth €42M from ESA for the development of downstream services derived from data acquired through the future Italian satellite constellation IRIDE
  • Planet and AXA Climate Extend Strategic Partnership to Drive Drought Insurance Program

  • Satellite Vu closes Series A2 round + raises further million$$

  • SAR satellite company Iceye signed an agreement with insurance solution firm Global Parametrics to provide flood data for parametric insurance
  • SAR satellite firm Capella Space will supply imagery to LiveEO, a German EO startup for integrating into its disaster response solutions
  • Satlantis has bought a majority stake in SuperSharp, a UK-based startup developing foldable thermal infrared telescopes
  • Synspective, is partnering with Thailand’s satellite operator Thaicom to provide real-time data for disaster management efforts
  • SkyWatch won a $1.1M contract from the Canadian Space Agency to advance the application of AI for EO mission planning and data management and distribution

  • Spire launched a weather insights platform specifically aimed at the maritime industry, powered by data from radio occultation satellites

  • The shareholders of Maxar Technologies have approved the acquisition by private equity firm Advent International, for $6.4B

(star) Thanks to contributions from  ©Terrawatch Space

  • After reporting the loss of its only EO satellite, Azerbaijan selected Israel Aerospace Industries to build two EO satellites

  • Canadian Space Agency Awards Spire and OroraTech Wildfire Detection Contract
  • China launched an advanced EO satellite, called Fengyun 3G, with precipitation radar among other instruments
  • China has operationalised a satellite data-derived platform to monitor ecological zones, which include over 30 percent of the country’s land area

  • European Parliament has approved a new regulation that would ban goods linked to deforestation
  • Eumetsat and ESA released the first images from the Meteosat Third Generation Imager 1 (or Meteosat-12) which should improve short-term weather forecasting thanks to its improved resolution and new sensors
  • ISRO launched an EO satellite equipped with a SAR instrument, called TeLEOS-2 for Singapore

  • Italy, through ESA, has ordered 34 EO satellites with optical, SAR and hyperspectral sensors as part of its IRIDE constellation, from a number of local companies, worth €1.1B

  • Leonardo DRS launched a thermal imaging radiometer with Loft Orbital to measure the Earth’s surface temperature from space

  • UK Geospatial Commission has launched its commercial EO pilot project, together with Airbus Defence and Space, to provide access and test the use of EO data for up to 35 public sector organisations

  • UK will launch a new SAR satellite called CarbSAR which will demonstrate Oxford Space Systems’ deployable antenna

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

  • Accenture is collaborating with climate intelligence provider Cervest to provide climate risk information to its clients spanning across industries

  • ESA launched WorldCereal, the world’s first dynamic and open-source system to provide seasonally updated cropland and crop-type maps at 10-meter spatial resolution at a global scale
  • Canadian Space Agency awarded a contract to EO startup OroraTech specialising in thermal infrared and Spire Global with its space-as-a-service offering to perform preparatory work for a wildfire-monitoring satellite

  • Climate Engine launched SpatiaFi, a platform to provide private and public sector organizations insights into climate risks on Google Cloud

  • CGI is working with UK’s Ordnance Survey to develop a develop water pollution predictive tool using satellite data and AI
  • Data from the EU’s Copernicus programme shows that the ongoing wildfires in Alberta, Canada and in Siberia, Russia are worsening air quality and increasing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Deriving yearly global above ground biomass maps by combining data from JAXA’s L-band SAR ALOS mission and ESA’s C-band Sentinel-1 mission;

  • How Apple Started Working with Satellite to Save Lives
  • How Satellite Prevented a War for Water
  • How satellites help wineries pick new climate-friendly sites

  • ICEYE intros 1st-in-market satellite radar dwell capability

  • LiveEO announced the launch of a solution to verify compliance of a supply chain with the EU’s Deforestation Regulation (for selected commodities);

  • methodology behind the first map of all trees in Africa created using data from Planet’s EO satellites (paper)
  • Microsoft’s Planetary Computer integrated a new dataset on biodiversity called Biodiversity Intactness, derived by EO analytics firms Impact Observatory and Vizzuality
  • NASA launched a new project called OPERA (Observational Products for End-Users from Remote Sensing Analysis) to provide data from multiple satellites for use by government agencies

  • NASA partnered with the US Forest Service to build an inventory of the country’s oldest trees, with ground data complemented by the GEDI mission

  • NOAA is also setting up plans for the next generation of polar weather satellites following the successful Joint Polar Satellite System, called NEON
  • open data by Jed Sundwall (blog)
  • Observatory on "roof of the world" takes Earth's temperature

  • Rocket Lab launched the first two of four satellites of NASA’s TROPICS mission, which aim to provide hourly data on storms forming in the tropics

  • Sticking to methane, the EU could push for a law that would require oil and gas companies in Europe to check their above-ground infrastructure every two-to-four months, and fix methane leaks they discover
  • The EU-funded Copernicus Philippines Programme was launched to support the country with natural disaster monitoring and climate change adaptation
  • The New Yorker published this interactive piece on the state of methane monitoring and the role of satellites such as MethaneSat

  • Using data from French EO startup Kayrros, the Guardian reported that the methane emissions from the two main fossil fuel fields of Turkmenistan contributed more to global warming in 2022 than the entire carbon emissions of the UK
  • Visualising Copernicus Earth observation data
  • Weather intelligence firm announced the launch of a new solution that provides global precipitation forecast with a better (48-61%) accuracy for precipitation intensity compared to publicly-available products ;

  • Apple announced an expansion of Restore Fund, its nature-based carbon removal initiative, the impact of which will be measured and monitored by EO - from providers such as Space Intelligence, Upstream Tech and Maxar

  • EO platform startup Astraea launched satellite tasking capabilities allowing tasking of satellite imagery from providers like Planet
  • EO platform startup SkyWatch is partnering with Urban Sky, a stratospheric balloon imaging startup to distribute their imagery through SkyWatch's data management and distribution platform, TerraStream

  • A satellite from Terran Orbital Corporation, a US-based small satellite manufacturer, has enabled the demonstration of a space-to-ground optical link that successfully transmitted 200 gigabits per second
  • Small Satellite Market to Worth USD 12.02 Billion by 2029
  • Space-as-a-service firm Sidus Space signed a partnership agreement with Indian edge-computing startup SkyServe

  • Spire Global reported $24.2M in revenues for the same period, a 34% YoY increase with contracts across its aviation, maritime and data businesse
  • Airbus won a one year long pilot contract from the UK Geospatial Commission to provide public sector from 35 organisations with access to commercial, high resolution satellite EO data

  • AXA Climate extended its strategic partnership with Planet specifically for the use of one of its Planetary Variables - Soil Water Content

  • BlackSky reported $18.4M in revenues for Q1 2023, a 32% year-over-year (YoY) increase with contracts from government defense agencies

  • BlackSky and Spire Collaborate to Offer Maritime Custody Service
  • In its financial results for 2022, Satellogic reported that it made $6M in revenue and targets $30M to $50M for 2023

  • L3Harris won a contract from NOAA valued at $275.2M to continue providing ground services for the GOES-R series of weather satellites
  • Planet Labs Stock: Well-Positioned In A Growing Market (NYSE:PL)

  • SSC awarded 2.26M€ contract by ESA for second phase of the optical ground network initiative NODES (

  • SITAEL, an Italian small satellite manufacturer signed a contract with ESA to build four EO satellites with hyperspectral sensors as part of Italy’s IRIDE EO satellite constellation

  • 3D geospatial platform, Cesium signed a research agreement with the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to explore the use of 3D data

  • Amazon Web Services selected 14 startups for the 2023 AWS Space Accelerator including 4 EO startups

    • GRASP, which aims to build and launch an EO satellite constellation with air pollution monitoring sensors

    • Kawa Space, a geospatial intelligence startup

    • Little Place Labs, an edge computing startup

    • Lunasonde, which aims to launch an EO satellite constellation with radars for subsurface imaging of the Earth, the Moon and beyond

  • Investment firm Seraphim Space selected nine startups to be part of its accelerator program, including two EO firms

    • An Indian startup, GalaxEye Space, which aims to launch a constellation of multi-sensor (multispectral + SAR) satellites

    • EarthEye, a startup from Singapore, which is building an EO platform for ordering and processing satellite imagery

  • EO non-profit Radiant Earth (previously Radiant Earth Foundation) has announced the launch of two initiatives:

    • Source Cooperative, a data publishing utility to make it trivially easy for geospatial data providers to make data products available on the Internet;

    • Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation to increase adoption of highly efficient modern data sharing best practices;

  • EU Global Action from Space: This initiative by the European Commission supports cooperation between EU Space companies and players from more than 110 countries globally. The EU Global Action on Space is targeted explicitly towards stakeholders from your country to benefit from the European Space Programmes (e.g., on Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation), its data, and services by supporting the set-up, strengthening, and deepening of international collaborations with the goal to reach commercial agreements. 


List of capdev meetings at CEOS

Materials (openly accessible) from ESA’s training course on EO (+ an upcoming SAR course focusing on Polarimetric SAR Interferometry )

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Corporate News

EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing companies, is conducting an industry survey to map the state and health of companies providing EO services in Europe. Will you contribute?

  • Airbus Intelligence has partnered with TerraNIS to export Farmstar, its precision farming and crop monitoring service, outside of France
  • Albedo launching very-high-resolution optical imagery instruments along with thermal infrared sensors
  • CollectiveCrunch, a Finnish startup building sustainable forestry platform using satellite data among other sources raised €1.4M
  • Iceye and Satlantis proposing the Tandem4EO constellation to Spain, made up of optical and radar satellites
  • Impact Observatory, a US-based startup building global land cover maps from EO data raised $4.9M in seed funding, from investors including Esri
  • Galaxeye Space launching a satellite with SAR and optical sensors
  • Maxar partnering with Umbra for access to high-resolution SAR imagery and acquiring Aurora Insights for radio frequency signal monitoring
  • Meta released its Segment Anything Model that automatically extracts objects from images, with huge potential for processing satellite data
  • NASA awarded Iceye with a contract to provide high-resolution SAR (1m to 15m) data for evaluation within the Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition program, which includes Planet, Spire & Maxar as suppliers
  • Planet to enhance their data analysis platform through the acquisition of Sinergise tech. Planet reported record Q4 earnings bringing in $53M and also announced its plans to acquire Sinergise, an EO data platform from Slovenia. Planet is partnering with EO platform startup Ursa Space allowing access to its daily imagery on Ursa’s platform and with environmental software startup Upstream Tech offering subscriptions to its basemap product. Planet is also collaborating with The Nature Conservancy to build Blue Carbon Explorer, a digital tool to map mangrove and seagrass blue carbon around the world. Planet diversifying into hyperspectral with Tanager instruments
  • SatelliteVu, the UK-based thermal infrared satellite startup received £300K in public funding from the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund for research on using their datasets for commercial solar farm monitoring
  • Satellogic will be building and launching, what looks like, a hyperspectral sensor to orbit designed in collaboration with agtech firm InnerPlant
  • Sidus Space, a startup offering EO solutions through a space-as-a-service model is partnering with SatLab to integrate its automated identification system technology into the LizzieSat multi-sensor satellite constellation
  • launching precipitation radars and microwave sounders
  • UK startup Space Intelligence which builds carbon monitoring solutions from EO data is partnering with Everland, a company that manages the world’s largest portfolio of forest conservation projects
  • Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, launched AquaWatch Australia, a a 'weather service' for water quality leveraging EO data
  • China's hyperspectral Earth observation satellite put into use. China launched four X-band synthetic aperture radar satellites from private company Piesat Information Technology Co. Ltd. focused on interferometry applications

  • China released public images from one of their more recent satellites, with a thermal infrared imaging instrument, and a hyperspectral imager, aimed at monitoring greenhouse gases and environmental applications
  • DEWA's SAT-2 6U nanostatellite to launch in April

  • Digital Earth Africa, the EO platform for Africa has received additional funding for three more years from its original donors
  • Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority will launch an EO satellite, Dewa Sat-2, with a multispectral sensor after the first mission Dewa Sat-1, which had an IoT sensor, for planning, operation, and maintenance activities
  • Kenya set to launch its first earth observation satellite Kenya Space Agency to Launch First Operational 3U EO Satellite. Kenya will launch an EO satellite, designed and developed by SayariLabs, a Kenyan startup, on SpaceX’s upcoming launch

  • NASA Administrator Bill Nelson claimed that the proposed spending reductions for US fiscal year 2024 could lead to cancellations of planned EO missions in the Earth System Observatory program
  • Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), which provides open access to high resolution satellite imagery of the world’s rainforests has been extended by a year, until September 2024
  • UAE and China have signed an MoU to advance meteorological technologies including satellite-based monitoring and China’s FengYun program
  • The European Commission launched the first-ever EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence, which includes a pilot for new EO governmental service as part of the evolution of Copernicus

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

  • BlackSky commissioned its newly launched satellites in less than a day, and integrated the data into its geospatial intelligence platform
  • dashboard of dashboards with climate-related indicators
  • Data from NOAA showed that greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) continued to rise rapidly in 2022, Data from NOAA also showed that the average ocean surface temperature at the beginning of April rose to unchartered levels potentially risk of extreme weather events due to climate change
  • Data from ESA’s Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity mission showed low levels of soil moisture across Europe (see an example from France below) raising concerns about water supply, agriculture and energy production.

  • Digital earth: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • ESA’s SMOS, CryoSat and Swarm missions, which monitor soil moisture, ice and magnetic field respectively among other parameters, have been extended at least until the end of 2025
  • ESA’s HydroGNSS mission, which planned to measure climate variables like soil moisture using a technique called Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reflectometry, will now be made up of two satellites (instead of one)
  • Former NASA scientist and executive has joined the satellite image processing service unit launched by consulting firm, EY
  • Hyperspectral Imagery, the technology and its applications
  • UNEP MARS, will detect at least 40-50 episodes a month and make them public, with data provided by French startup, Kayrros and the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON)
  • Maxar announced an update to its global basemap, which will now be available at 30 centimeters per pixel. Maxar is also diversifying into imaging other satellites providing data for space situational awareness - here’s an image of Landsat 8 from a Maxar satellite (joining companies like HEO Robotics and AxelSpace)
  • NASA’s GEDI mission, which collects LiDAR data from the ISS, was put in hibernation, but will continue to be operational until at least 2030
  • paper summarising the considerations of EO and artificial intelligence for building agriculture solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Report from the UN found that more people are being affected by more disasters because decision-makers are failing to invest in risk mitigation
  • Spire Global receives NRO contract for RF data

  • The Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission from NASA and CNES, which suffered a minor setback is now working as expected and downlinked its first images of water on the planet’s surface;

  • announced the launch of ‘Gale,’ the first generative AI product (think ChatGPT) dedicated to weather and climate for businesses and governments to easily identify key trends, risks and opportunities
  • BlackSky launched two high resolution optical imagery satellites with Rocket Lab, marking an end to its Gen-2 version (90 cm), before moving onto its Gen-3 satellites (50 cm) from 2024
  • China launched four commercial weather satellites with GNSS radio occultation instruments, part of the Tianmu-1 constellation
  • Descartes Labs was selected to be one of the technology partners by Comtech, a satellite telecommunications solutions provider
  • Space Security Company True Anomaly Emerges From Stealth With $30M In Financing
  • Spire entered into a long-term agreement with Switzerland-based ch-aviation, an airline insights platform to supply global flight analytics from its constellation of satellites with ADS-B sensors. Spire Global and PlanetiQ, both flying radio occultation instruments, won follow-on Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contracts by NOAA to compete for orders worth $59M
  • The satellite launch vehicle market size is projected to grow from USD 15.7 billion in 2022

  • The US National Reconnaissance Office awarded contract extensions to Aurora Insight (now owned by Maxar), HawkEye360, Kleos Space and Spire to evaluate radio-frequency data from their satellites (it looks like Terran Orbital and Umbra missed out after they were selected last year)
  • The UK Geospatial Commission released a new digital map of underground pipes and cables in the UK
  • The TEMPO (Tropospheric Emissions Monitoring of Pollution) instrument from NASA aimed at measuring air pollution in North America, will launch later this week hosted on an Intelsat communication satellite
  • D-Orbit's IRIDE satellite observation program receives €26-Million contract with ESA. D-Orbit, the Italian space logistics company signed a contract with ESA worth €26M to supply and operate one SAR satellite as part of the IRIDE constellation program of Italy (Thales Alenia Space was another awardee)

  • Google awarded a $5M grant to the World Resources Institute as part of its Impact Challenge to study extreme heat and adaptation techniques, a project that will use EO among other sources
  • Measat Wins New Oil and Gas Deal in Malaysia
  • NASA Awards Iceye 5-Year Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • NOAA has requested $6.8B in funding for FY 2024, an increase of roughly $450M for future weather satellite programs after reduced funding in 2023

  • Thales Alenia Space won a contract from ESA to supply five SAR satellites and one optical satellite for the Italian EO constellation, IRIDE, worth €142M along with options for more orders
  • US’ National Reconnaissance Office awarded six study contracts worth $300,000 each for hyperspectral satellite imagery to BlackSky, HyperSat, Orbital Sidekick, Pixxel, Planet, and Xplore;
  • vorteX-io, a French startup received (in French) a grant of €2.5M from the European Innovation Council to create the first European flood and drought forecasting service with in-situ monitoring sensors

  • A SAR satellite from Iceye, purchased with the donations from Ukrainians, has helped detect and destroy thousands of pieces of Russian military equipment in five months of use

  • Corteva Agriscience, one of the leading agriculture firms is collaborating with Ukrainian EO company, EOS Data Analytics to research the use of satellite imagery for crop monitoring applications

  • Japanese EO company Axelspace announced partnerships with Space Compass, a venture building space data relay networks and Tokio Marine Holdings, an insurance firm, along with a new round of undisclosed funding

List of capdev meetings at CEOS

Materials (openly accessible) from ESA’s training course on EO (+ an upcoming SAR course focusing on Polarimetric SAR Interferometry )

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Corporate News

EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing companies, is conducting an industry survey to map the state and health of companies providing EO services in Europe. Will you contribute?

  • Data act: member states agree common position on fair access to and use of data

  • Egyptian Space Agency has an EO satellite to its fleet, Horus-1, built and launched under strategic cooperation between Egypt and China

  • EUMETSAT expert on the significance of satellites for flood and drought monitoring (interview)
  • EU Space Programme is an essential tool for sustainable forest management
  • Guyana Ministry of Natural Resources has signed a three-year contract with Maxar to provide imagery and insights for environmental monitoring;

  • IRISS, the EU’s forthcoming satellite communications constellation, will soon compliment Galileo and Copernicus by providing independent, secure, resilient, cost-effective and seamless communication services. Read more in this article by

  • NATO is launching a new initiative to streamline the process of gathering, disseminating, and distributing satellite data for use by its members;

  • The Canadian Space Agency awarded ten contracts worth $6.8M to five different companies in the country for EO-related R&D projects.

The Strategic Roadmap developed under the FIREFORUM project reflects the research and innovation strategy, with the EC and Member State funding agencies in mind as the prime audience. Download the pdf version of the road map for the following sectors

  • Microsoft announces Azure Orbital Space Software Development Kit, software tools to make it easy for developers to create space applications in the cloud and deploy them on spacecraft operated by Azure Orbital partners - Ball Aerospace, Loft Orbital, Thales Alenia Space and Xplore
  • Near Space Labs will provide imagery from their stratospheric balloons to property risk insurtech firm Tensorflight.

  • Small satellite integrator, Open Cosmos will be launching a multimodal satellite with IoT-EO sensors later this year for the Andalusian (Spain) state
  • Thermal infrared startup, ConstellR signed a multi-launch contract with launch service provider ExoLaunch for launch of their satellites in 2024

  • Space-as-a-service company, Sidus Space has partnered with edge computing startup Exo-Space to provide edge AI capabilities into its planned satellite constellation;

  • World Meteorological Organization will be running an Uncrewed Aircraft Systems to evaluate the use of drones for filling in atmospheric gaps in weather forecasting and monitoring;

  • Airbus Defence and Space won a contract from Angola for their first Earth observation satellite, continuing the trend of sovereign EO globally

  • EarthDaily Analytics was awarded a $1M Canadian Space Agency to enable analytics-ready thermal detection calibration and processing;

  • Maxar was awarded a contract by the US Army worth ‘tens of millions of dollars’ to provide geospatial data to construct 3D virtual models of Earth

  • Satellite IoT company, Astrocast was selected by Swiss Polar Institute to provide connectivity for for remote snow, glacier, and permafrost monitoring stations in Central Asia

  • TCarta expands role in Seabed 2030 Ocean Survey Project

List of capdev meetings at CEOS

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Corporate News

  • EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing companies, is conducting an industry survey to map the state and health of companies providing EO services in Europe. Will you contribute?
  • Asterra announced the launch of their EO Discover platform, a software application for the infrastructure sector, powered by EO. the Israeli startup that offers an infrastructure monitoring platform providing insights from SAR imagery is looking to launch its own L-band SAR satellite (more on this below);
  • AiDash, the EO-based infrastructure monitoring company is launching an energy grid resilience product together with Schneider Electric
  • Capella Space announced the launch of its Analytics Partner Program to promote use of SAR data from their satellites, starting with three partners - Woolpert, Kayrros and Floodbase;

  • Drone imaging firm, Zeitview (formerly DroneBase) raised $55M, positioning itself as complementary to and competing with satellite imagery.

  • Element84 has acquired Azavea, bringing together two organisations that quietly work together in the background to make geospatial data easier to process, analyse and visualise through open-source innovation;

  • Maxar is on track to being acquired by Advent International, the private equity firm for $6.4B, after receiving no competing offers;

  • Maxar is partnering with Umbra to receive dedicated access to SAR imagery, enabling Maxar to provide multi-source geospatial intelligence solutions for governmental and commercial customers;

  • NV5 Global, a geospatial consultancy has acquired Axim Geospatial, a geospatial solutions provider in the defence and intelligence sectors.

  • Open Cosmos MENUT Satellite Sends First EO Images
  • Orbital Insight, the EO platform company, reported that it has secured new global customers for its recently released Terrascope product, while also quietly announcing that it has raised a new round of undisclosed funding;

  • SatSure, a vertically integrated EO company from India raised an undisclosed amount in strategic investments from the country’s major banks - ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and HDFC Ltd.
  • SatelliteVu, the UK-based EO company, building thermal infrared satellites announced that it has secured £81 million worth of purchase options from 30 companies for their Early Access Programme.

  • World View is positioning itself as an EO company in their SPAC investor presentation

  • EarthDaily Analytics was awarded a $1M Canadian Space Agency to enable analytics-ready thermal detection calibration and processing;

  • French AI/EO startup Preligens is aiming for success with the US DoD after winning contracts from the French defence ministry (in French);
  • Maxar Technologies was awarded an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, worth up to $192 million over five years

  • The Guyana Ministry of Natural Resources has signed a three-year contract with Maxar to provide imagery and insights for environmental monitoring;

  • Techstars announced their first cohort of startups in Saudi Arabia, which includes several EO startups: Airmo, Kawa Space, SARsatX and SMSNR.

  • India’s three major banks ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and HDFC Ltd investing in SatSure;
  • Peraton, a US-based defence contractor won a ~$400M contract from NOAA to provide ground services for polar-orbiting JPSS weather satellites;
  • Two major energy companies, Williams and ONEOK, investing in Orbital Sidekick;

  • Bringing precise positioning to the mass market with the Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS). Join the UNION Technology Workshop & Demonstration to find out how!
  • CASSINI Business Accelerator will be a six month space tech programme offering top-level business & investment coaching, training and seed funding to improve startup and scaleup companies’ ability to achieve sustained commercial growth in upstream and downstream space applications.

  • Marking a year of Russia invading Ukraine, the Economist published an interactive piece which uses satellite data to show the impacts of the war.

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Corporate News

  • Geospatial World Forum 2023
  • IGARSS 2023 - Call for Papers. Find more information here
  • MOOC Weather & Climate Machine Learning course from ECMWF (ongoing)
  • Ninth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment (RSCY2023) - CYPRUS - April 3 - 5

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Corporate News

  • 15th Space conference
  • GFOI Plenary 2023, 9 to 11 May  - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome and online. here.

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Corporate News

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Corporate News

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