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This section provides insights on policy trends that will help the user navigate and understand the dynamically evolving Earth Observation sector linked to the EU policies (Common Agricultural Policy, European Water Framework Directive, Europe 2050, European Green Deal, EU Biodiversity Strategy, among others). 

The articles are updated regularly and injected from different projects.

Under its Policy Observatory, EARSC is monitoring relevant EU policies and advocating for increased use of the EO services to support policy-makers. EARSC gathers the inputs of its members on how the downstream EO sector can contribute to various EU initiatives. These statements, reflecting the industry's views and recommendations, are submitted in response to the European Commission's open consultations with the objective to include EO capabilities in support of the achievements of European policies.

29 July 2022

The European Earth Observation (EO) Services industry welcomes the ambitious objectives set by the New European Forest Strategy alongside other EU Policy initiatives aiming at improving the quantity and quality of Europe's forests by 2030.  Earth Observation capabilities, by delivering near-real time, consistent and tree-level information of the world's forests are a crucial tool to deliver Europe's forests goals. EARSC members are convinced that the urgency to act calls for action; it can be done now, at scale and with unprecedented precision, at high-cost efficiency. Against this context, the EARSC Position Paper on forest management (attached) strongly advocates for the systematic integration of EO data and services as operational tools in the design, implementation and evaluation of all ongoing and upcoming legislative and policy initiatives in the field of environmental protection, with particular regards to forests, biodiversity and the sustainability of supply chains

July 2022

EARSC Position to the EU Regulation on methane emissions reduction in the energy sector and amending Regulation (EU) 2019/942

June 2022

Support letter for EU - MEPs & Council

Earth Observation Technological Feasibility Assessment “Proposal for a Regulation on Deforestation-free Products"



EU Forests- New EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans


Certification of carbon removals- EU rules

April 2022

EARSC Position on the EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products


New rules to prevent methane leakage in the energy sector


EU Solar Energy initiative


2022 Strategic Foresight Report : better understanding of the twinning of the green and the digital transitions


Soil health – protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils


Revising the EU rules on illegal discharges from ships



Count your transport emissions- "CountEmissions EU"

Nov 2021

Examples of Earth Observation Based Services for the EU Forestry Strategy


EU Strategy for Space Traffic Management


EU renewable energy rules- review


Air quality - revision of EU rules


Sustainable EU Food system- new initiative

Thematic Area

TopicLink to Article


CAP (EU Common Agricultural Policy)How Earth Observation is helping us rethink our approach to agriculture – e-shape Sustainability & Upscaling (
Common Agricultural Policy - Parsec Accelerator (
Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS)soon to come
Farm Management Information System (FMIS)soon to come
Farm Registrysoon to come
FaSTsoon to come
Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS)soon to come

Land ecosystems

European Green DealEuropean Green Deal in need of monitoring solutions – e-shape Sustainability & Upscaling (
European Green Deal - Parsec Accelerator (
EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030Monitoring the status, function, and disruption of ecosystems – e-shape Sustainability & Upscaling (
REDD+soon to come
United Nations Sustainable Development Goalssoon to come

Inland water bodies

Water Framework DirectivePolicy, market and technology trends in EO-assisted water resource management – e-shape Sustainability & Upscaling (

Thematic Area


Link to Article

MetoceanAltimetrysoon to come
Coastal areasAlgae bloomsoon to come

Marine ecosystem

Marine Strategy Framework DirectivePolicy, market and technology trends in EO-assisted water resource management – e-shape Sustainability & Upscaling (
Marine Spatial Planning Directivesoon to come
Integrated Maritime Policysoon to come


Aquaculturesoon to come
Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishingsoon to come

Ships monitoring, detection & tracking

Vessel detectionsoon to come
AISsoon to come
Arctic shippingEarth Observation strategies for Arctic Shipping - Parsec Accelerator (
Marine pollutionInternational Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Shipssoon to come

Thematic Areas

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Climate change

Urban heat islandssoon to come
Greenhouse gasesTHE CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Monitoring greenhouse gases from space – e-shape Sustainability & Upscaling

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