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This EO service provides tailored sub-seasonal and seasonal predictions to support tyre companies'  activity in Finland. 

The climate service providing tailored sub-seasonal and seasonal predictions for tyre companies for the upcoming six weeks and three months was developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The user-oriented service was co-created and piloted together with the Finnish tyre and car service chain, Vianor Oy. The tailored sub-seasonal and seasonal climate outlooks for winter tyre season and safety driving conditions provide information about the probability of onset and offset of winter tyre season, snow cover and freezing temperature and the amount of snow accumulation for Finland, facilitating tyre companies in planning their seasonal management and marketing activities.

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The Nokian Tyres-owned Vianor is a chain of service centers specializing in car maintenance and tire services. The service centers and online stores serve both consumers and corporate customers.  Vianor is the biggest chain of tyre stores in the Nordic countries, where the service network consists of own service centers as well as partners.  The chain comprises of over 1000 service centers in 17 countries.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI; is a research and service agency under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. FMI performs advanced scientific research and provides a wide variety of information services relating to weather, air quality, sea and climate. FMI has a strong background in meteorological observation, remote sensing, atmospheric modelling, meteorological applications and end-user applications as well as climate research application development.

"Vianor has planned the usage of the tool in different situations and tested the service to see how it could be used in the business. According to this, the service would be useful in customer communication and marketing activity. Including the sub-seasonal and seasonal forecast products to operational workflow for season preparation is more challenging."

Vianor Oy

Tailored sub-seasonal and seasonal outlooks for onset and offset of winter tire season and safety driving conditions based on post-processed climate models.

  • Improve the quality of sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts through post-processing so that the forecast products developed have added values for the user
  • Evaluate the quality of the winter tyre season product in absence of needed auxiliary data
  • Including the forecasts products into the user operational workflow is still challengingIncluding the forecasts products into the user operational workflow is still challenging
  • A set of user oriented sub-seasonal and seasonal outlooks tailored to support tyre companies in planning the distribution of right tyre types, the seasonal management, and to provide relevant information for their customers about the time of tyre change

  •   Sub-seasonal outlooks: winter tyre season, probability of snow cover, snow depth, probability of freezing temperature

  • Seasonal climate outlooks: probability of freezing temperature and probability of snow cover 

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