The OTM consortium has now completed this element of the EO4OG workpack. We would like to thank all that contributed to and worked on the project. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you all again soon.

Project Team Members 

The team combines expertise in the O&G sector together with specific EO expertise.  Led by O&G technology experts, OTM Consulting Ltd, the team includes EO expertise from Geoville, TRE and WesternGeco.

OTM Consulting Ltd

OTM Consulting is a leading firm of independent technology management consultants, specialising in the evaluation, commercialisation and implementation of technologies for the upstream oil and gas sector. We enable companies in the Oil & Gas sector to extract maximum value from their investments in R&D and technology. This value proposition is founded on a unique combination of areas where OTM has particular expertise, all of which focus on Oil & Gas technologies:

- Identifying technology opportunities and threats for businesses

- Deciding which technologies to invest in, and how best to do that

- Applying technologies better and faster

- Engaging with technology practitioners

Contact - Mark Butcher:


GeoVille is an internationally operating group specialised in consultancy services and products related to remote sensing, geo-information and geographic information systems. The company has sound experience in handling and working with EO data and derived land use/ land cover information as well as the analysis of this data for monitoring, spatial planning and environmental issues. GeoVille Information Systems core expertise is on the production and processing of EO derived data products as well as adding the geo-information dimension (e.g. integration of land cover data with in-situ or infrastructure information to provide for valuation).

Contact - Maria Lemper: 


WesternGeco, a Schlumberger company is the world’s leading geophysical services company, providing comprehensive worldwide reservoir imaging, monitoring, and development services. WesternGeco's geophysical data acquisition crews and GeoSolutions centres are spread across the globe and offer their clients the industry’s most extensive multi-client data library. Their services and products supply their clients with increasingly accurate measurements and images of subsurface geology and rock properties.

Contact - Andrew Cutts:


Tele-Rilevamento Europa S.r.l has completed over 200 InSAR projects, ranging from measuring ground movement over entire countries to identifying individual building movement for forensic investigations. This knowledge and experience supports every new project undertaken.  TRE’s founders were the inventors of the PSInSAR™ technique (back in 1999), the icebreaker of the so-called Persistent Scatterer Interferometry. TRE’s tradition of innovation has made it possible to develop SqueeSAR™ (2009) and still continues today, with new algorithms and solutions. The number of scientific publications in international journals where TRE staff are co-authors is much higher than what can be claimed by any other competitor worldwide. The president and the CEO of the company have been recently awarded the “2012 eni Award” for the potential impact of their research efforts on the oil and gas sector.

Contact - Alastair Belson:;



The OTM assessment of information needs is organised into 5 areas; seismic planning.  surface geology mapping,  subsidence monitoring,  environmental monitoring and logistics, planning & operations. To access the list in each category, click on the links.

The challenges have also been organised into "challenge trees". To access each challenge tree click on the box in the image below. To see the full challenge tree, open the pdf file. All challenges are available in a single numerical list on the OTM Challenges page.

OTM Challenges summary

Seismic Planning

There is no content with the specified labels

Surface Geology Mapping

Subsidence Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Logistics, planning & operations

Participants to discussions

WorkshopKO +10 months London TBC  
Progress meeting 16 June 2014London (Gatwick)  TBC  KO+3 progress meeting
Kick-off7th March 2014Frascati   

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Review process

Please see the documents in the table below for a summary of the Task 1 findings.

To add comments specific to a challenge (referenced by it's ID code OTM:0XX), please access the challenge pro-forma via the 'Challenges' tab and add comments to the base of the page.

Thank you for contributing to the study.


Task 1 Deliverables - for industry review

Consolidating ReportOTM7 July 2014Summary of Task 1 findings
Appendix A - Challenge treesOTM8 July 2014Organogram display of O&G challenges identified during Task 1
Appendix B - Country profilesOTM7 July 2014Overview of countries included within OTM study
Challenge spreadsheetOTM8 July 2014More detailed description of challenges listed in challenge trees



Progress reports





Kick-off Presentation


7th March 2014

Outline of the project and planning

KO+1 progress reportOTM 7th April 2014 Progress at KO+1 
 KO+2 progress report OTM7th May 2014 Progress at KO+2 
 KO+3 progress reportOTM 7th June 2014  Progress at KO+3
Challenge treesOTM10th July 2014Structures challenges