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List of the EO4OG Cases

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  Surface geological mapping in the Gulf of Suez


O&G; onshore

Middle East


  Oilfield performance study: Ghawar oilfield (Saudi Arabia)

Built EnvironmentInfrastructure

O&G; onshore

Middle East

Saudi Arabia

 Ecosystem evaluation and change: Sullom Voe Terminal





 Habitat impact assessment: Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico    

MarineEcosystemO&G, MaritimeNorth AmericaMexico

Soft ground mapping: Western UAE

LandGeologyO&G, ConstructionMiddle EastUAE

Surface Deformation Monitoring with InSAR: In Salah CO2 Storage Project

LandSubsidence monitoringO&G; onshoreAfricaAlgeria

Pipeline Encroachment Monitoring 

Built EnvironmentInfrastructureO&G; onshoreNorth AmericaUSA
Oil-sands Watershed Disturbance MonitoringLandEcosystemsO&G; onshoreNorth AmericaCanada

Seismic Planning and Flood Assessment in Peru

Disasters & GeohazardsFloods South AmericaPeru

Seismic Planning and Flood Assessment in Kenya

Disasters & GeohazardsFloods AfricaKenya

Current meter location study

MarinemeteoceanO&G;offshoreSouth AmericaBrazil

Ocean Model validation

MarinemetoceanO&G, MaritimeAsiaIndonesia

Current vein location

MarinemetoceanO&G;offshoreAfricaSouth Africa

Oil tanker loading: River Plume Localization

Marineecosystem AfricaCongo

Ocean Model Circulation Operational Validation

MarinemetoceanO&G;drillingSouth AmericaBrazil

Bering Sea Project

MarineecosystemMaritime;shipNorth AmericaAlaska

Determine meteorological and oceanographic conditions

MarinemetoceanO&G;offshoreNorth AmericaCanada

Oil spill disaster in Gulf Of Mexico

MarineecosystemO&G;offshoreNorth AmericaMexico

Measuring surface wind with high resolution radar

MarinemetoceanO&G;drillingMiddle EastSyria