EO4OG - or EO services for the Oil & Gas industry - were 4 projects launched by ESA in 2014 to undertake a comprehensive study of the geo-information needs of the O&G sector and what EO services / products could help meet those needs.

About the EO4OG Project

EO4OG was a set of 4 projects running in 2014 under contracts from ESA. They started as 4 separate projects looking at the need and solutions of the oil and gas industry for geospatial products coming from satellite data. Once started the 4 projects; 2 focused on on-shore and 2 focused on off-shore were run together under the name of EO4OG.

The 4 project teams were led by:

The projects first of all identified a total of 224 challenges faced by the O&G industry where there is a potential for satellite EO data to play a role in providing a solution. This led to the definition of 94 products. Finally 19 cases or examples showing where some of these products have been successfully applied with the O&G industry.All the information coming from this extensive analysis can be found within this site.

The project teams held a joint workshop in November 2014 to review and validate the results with an expert audience from the Oil and Gas industry and were completed at the end of the year.

This EO4OG web-site was put together by EARSC following the results of the projects and presenting the information in a structured way across all 4 projects.