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  • Guide to EO4OG

The EO4OG site has been laid out to present the information coming from the EO4OG projects. Here we provide some guidance to the layout of this site and some of the tricks for navigation.

The EO4OG site is organised around "challenges", "products" and "cases". Each challenge concerns a problem which the O&G industry wish to address at some point in the full project lifecyle. Each challenge requires one or more products to solve it. The challenges have been grouped into 7 separate categories where 5 address on-shore challenges and 2 address off-shore ones. On each page describing the challenge, there is a tab under which you can find the products which are relevant.

Similarly, each product may address several challenges and on each product sheet there is a section with the relevant challenges listed.

The cases are illustrations of where a challenge has been met using EO products. Each case is specific to a challenge and may involve one or more products. It is a real example and the location is used to present the cases on a world map.

To navigate the EO4OG site:

Menu bar

The menu bar at the top of the page provides the main means to navigate. Tabs are provided for the main categories of information contained in the web-site. Click on the tab to see the possible navigation options.


Access to each of the main content types is provided in more than one way. In all cases lists are provided which can be filtered according to the relevant parameters. Galleries are provided with clickable images taking you to both cases and to product sheets. A map is provided for the cases and a "challenge tree" is provided for the challenges.

Content display:

You will see a difference between the themes used for the majority of the content from that applied for the cases (the full descriptions) and the product sheets. This is because they are also used in other areas and are displayed in a generic form.