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Users in the public administrations or private organizations using EO to increase the environmental or climate change impact on policy making decisions which are key to our safety and our economy i.e., assisting in developing monitoring to evaluate and deliver policy goals, provide an assessment of ecosystems, rapid response to major environmental risk events, or those associated with health security & care. These users are largely related to international treaties and hence a strong international collaboration.

Market Sector


EO Services

Environmental Ecosystems & Pollution

Coast guards,
ambulance services,
fire services,
police services,
civil protection organisations,
rescue services.

Assess environmental impact of farming

Monitor air quality

Assess Change in the carbon balance

Assess climate change risk

Assess crop acreage and yield harvest

Forecast crop yields

Assess environmental impact of human activities

Detect changes in glaciers

Monitor water use on crops and horticulture

Assess land value, ownership, type use etc

Assess changes in land use and quality

Measure land-use statistics

Detect and monitor oil slicks

Monitor land pollution

Assess dredging operations impacts

Detect and monitor ice-risk at sea

Forecast and monitor ocean movement and drift

Health Care

Public administration personnel,
civil servants,
public health community
(working on health issues such as air quality, forecasting sunlight exposure, forecasting epidemics, diseases).

Meteo & Climate

Meteorologists in range of downstream applications.

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