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  • New and open funding opportunities: 

    • Interoperability community (Deadline 19/10) [Read here]
    • Establish the grounds for a common European energy data space (19/10) [Read here]
    • Scalable privacy-preserving technologies for cross-border federated computation in Europe involving personal data (Deadline 21/10) [Read here]
    • AI for cybersecurity reinforcement (Deadline 21/10) [Read here]
    • Feasibility Study, Design and Prototype Development for a Mapping Platform on COVID-19 Therapeutics in the EU (Deadline 29/10) [Read here]
    • NEW! Emerging Risks Analysis Platform (ERAP) (Deadline 03/11) [Read here]
    • Horizon Europe Project: Machine Learning Application Approval (Tender released by European Union Aviation Safety Agency, deadline 04/11) [Read here]
    • Terrorism and other forms of serious crime countered using travel intelligence (Deadline 23/11) [Read here]
    • Enhanced assessment of disaster risks, adaptive capabilities and scenario building based on available historical data and projections (Deadline 23/11) [Read here]
    • Improving cyber defence and incident management with artificial intelligence (Deadline 09/12) [Read here]
    • Frugal learning for rapid adaptation of AI systems (Deadline 09/12) [Read here]
    • Reinforcing digitalisation related know how of local energy ecosystems (Deadline 05/01/22) [Read here]
    • NEW! Canarias pre-commercial procurement on big data for personalised medicine (Deadline TBD) [Read here]

    Policy initiatives, announcements and briefings (all NEW):

    • Commission launches EU missions to tackle major challenges [Read here]
    • Questions and answers: EU missions [Read here]
    • MEPs debate AI and the data strategy [Read here]
    • Trade and Technology Council: Inaugural meeting agrees on important deliverables and outlines areas for future EU-US cooperation [Read here]
    • ENISA's New Tool to secure the Digital Future of SMEs [Read here]
    • EU and the Western Balkans launch a joint strategy to strengthen cooperation in innovation, research, education, culture, youth and sport [Read here]

    Open Public consultations:

    • NEW! Digital services integrating different transport modes,  deadline 02/11 [Participate here]
    • Policy programme - Digital Decade Compass, deadline 23/11 [Participate here]
    • NEW! Digitalising the energy sector – EU action plan, deadline 24/01/22 [Participate here]

    Newspaper articles/publications/reports (all NEW):

    • EU countries green light new data governance framework [Read here]
    • Europeans strongly support science and technology according to new Eurobarometer survey [Read here]
    • Promoting industry-academia knowledge exchange through co-creation teams [Read here]
    • MEPs demand strict rules over AI applications in criminal matters [Read here]
    • Horizon Europe funding for PCP and PPI [Read here]

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