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Certification of sustainable forest management

EO and GIS have a big value for forest certification and audit. Projects completed by ESA together with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have focused on assessing how EO can help in the FSC accreditation and certification process but also in the annual audit process. The projects for FSC certification included assessment on all EO services (e.g. clear cut mapping, forest type and forest inventory mapping) and arrived to the conclusions that EO & GIS can:
• Make certification data and annual audits more transparent
• Increase data availability for all partners
• Standardise parts of certification process by using geospatial information
• Reduce the costs of certification and annual audits
• Identify forest areas where FSC standard prohibits logging


Forest mask with areas protected from forest management including key habitats within protected areas. Optical EO data (SPOT-5). Courtesy Metria



ESA 2013, Earth Observation for Green Growth: An overview of European and Canadian Industrial Capability




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