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  • C-CORE 2.6 Distribution and abundance of seabirds


 Distribution and abundance of seabirds

Challenge ID



Distribution and abundance of seabirds

Challenge originator:


General Description


What data/products do you use?

Direct observations of bird-light/flare interactions


Direct observations of birds using ship-based and/or aerial surveys

When do you use this kind of dataset?

During exploratory drilling and production when lighted platforms are out there and/or there is flaring


During seismic and drilling activities to determine impacts of light on seabirds and during discharges to determine vulnerability and impact

What are your actual limitations and do you have a work around? 

Bird mortality due to light and flares is sporadic and dependent on time of year (migration periods) and weather.  Assessment is difficult for those reasons, requires constant monitoring, but can affect large numbers of birds (up to 10% of migrating birds in North Sea)


Vessel and aerial surveys are time consuming and expensive. Current data products are adequate but need to be updated and repeated on a regular basis due to high natural variability

Needs and expectations on EO data

Unclear - requires high temporal spatial resolution and cloud penetration


High resolution imagery that would allow counting and possibly identifying seabirds. Could be visual or IR

Challenge classification


Pre license



1(Ireland), 3


1(Ireland), 3


1(Ireland), 3



Geographic context/ restrictions

Western Ireland, Falkland Islands, Morocco / Western Sahara

Topographic classification / Offshore classification


Activity impacted/concerned

Cost reduction, reduction of HSE risk associated with vessel based surveys

Technology Urgency

Mid to Long Term (5-10, 10+ years(Ireland))

Information requirements


Update frequency


Temporal resolution


Spatial resolution


Data quality


Data Coverage and extent

In vicinity of drill site

Example format

High resolution image


As close to real-time as possible

Existing standards

OSPAR Commission.  2009 document.  Assessment of impacts of offshore oil and gas activities in the North-East Atlantic.


Woods, R., R. Ingham, & A.  Brown. 2009. Falkland Islands (Malvinas). Pp 205 – 212 in C. Devenish, D. F. Díaz Fernández, R. P. Clay, I. Davidson & I. Yépez Zabala Eds. Important Bird Areas Americas - Priority sites for biodiversity conservation. Quito, Ecuador: BirdLife International (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 16).


Camphuysen CJ. & J. van der Meer.  2010.  Wintering seabirds in West Africa: foraging hotspots off Western Sahara and Mauritania driven by upwelling and fisheries.  African Journal of Marine Science, Vol. 27(2), pp. 427-437



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