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  • C-CORE 2.2 Submarine landslides and seabed stability


Submarine landslides and seabed stability

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Submarine landslides and seabed stability

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General Description


What data/products do you use?

Sidescan, multibeam sonar bathymetry maps, sub-surface data if available

When do you use this kind of dataset?

During seismic surveys to determine susceptibility of substrate to seismic activities and gain information on substrate stability


During exploration and development to help determine of anchor placement or location of production platform

What are your actual limitations and do you have a work around? 

This data is currently not available unless the area has seen recent multibeam mapping.


Current data acquisition is vessel based and thus expensive and time consuming

Needs and expectations on EO data

Not sure, EO capabilities can address this as it requires penetration to ocean floor


Unclear - require sub-sediment penetration into ocean floor

Challenge classification


Pre license



3, 4(2.37)







Geographic context/ restrictions

Western Ireland, Eastern Mediterranean, Morocco / Western Sahara



Topographic classification / Offshore classification


Activity impacted/concerned

Strategic decision enabler


Cost reduction, reduction of HSE risk associated with vessel based surveys (2.37)

Technology Urgency

Mid-Term (5-10 years)

Information requirements


Update frequency


Temporal resolution


Spatial resolution


Data quality


Data Coverage and extent

District area

Example format

High resolution image


Reference data - timeliness not important

Existing standards

ERT Scotland. 2008. Third strategic environmental assessment for oil and gas activity in Ireland’s offshore Atlantic waters: IOSEA3 Rockall Basin. Prepared for Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources


Galil B. and Herut B. 2011. Marine environmental issues of deep-sea exploration and exploitation activities (oil and gas) off the coast of Israel. IOLR Report H15/2016


Georgiopoulou, A., S. Krastel, D. G. Masson and R. B. Wynn.  2007. Repeated Instability Of The New African Margin Related To Buried Landslide Scarps. Pp. 29-36 in Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences , Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research Vol. 27.




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