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  • C-CORE 2.15 Coastal upwelling


 Coastal upwelling

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Coastal upwelling

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General Description


What data/products do you use?

Ship-based measurements; satellite images

When do you use this kind of dataset?

To determine timing and magnitude of productivity in the area - would help with assessing change in ocean climate on a regional basis that would be reflected in environmental effects monitoring (EEM) data around the operation without causal linkage;  i ncludes index of seasonal and inter-annual variations of summer upwelling

What are your actual limitations and do you have a work around? 

To detect timing and extent of upwelling would require extensive ship surveys which are time consuming and expensive

Needs and expectations on EO data

Satellite imagery to detect upwelling features such a productivity, SSH, temperature

Challenge classification


Pre license










Geographic context/ restrictions

- South China Sea, Morocco / Western Sahara

Topographic classification / Offshore classification


Activity impacted/concerned

Possible reduction of environmental liability

Technology Urgency

Immediately (0-2 years)

Information requirements


Update frequency

Weekly-seasonal South China Sea

Daily-seasonal (Morocco / Western Sahara)

Temporal resolution

Weekly-seasonal South China Sea

Daily-seasonal (Morocco / Western Sahara)

Spatial resolution


Data quality

Medium to high

Data Coverage and extent


Example format

Ocean colour imagery


Within a month South China Sea

As close to real-time as possible (Morocco / Western Sahara)

Existing standards

Xie, S.-P., Q. Xie, D. Wang, and W. T. Liu. 2003. Summer upwelling in the South China Sea and its role in regional climate variations. J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 108(3261), doi:10.1029/2003JC001867, C8.


Pelegrí, J.L. et al. 2005.  Coupling between the open ocean and the coastal upwelling region off northwest Africa: water recirculation and offshore pumping of organic matter . Journal of Marine Systems, Volume 54, Issues 1–4, February 2005, Pp. 3-37  Available online at:




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