I had a rude awakening this morning!

Francoise had got up early to leave to pick up the grandchildren and drop them off at school. Shortly after leaving (I was still in bed!) she called me to say I should go quickly to move my car as there was a tow-away truck poised to lift it onto their lorry.

I rushed to put on some clothes and raced up the road. There was no problem and I was able to move my car. Fortunately, Francoise had left early and was able to intervene. But I had left the car there on Tuesday morning when I left for the European Space Solutions conference and returned yesterday (Wednesday evening) late. When I left there were no panels to say that parking was suspended. I learned that they must be put out at least 24 hours before the suspension which is not a lot of time for someone traveling a lot.

In the past, the police have called to say that the car should be moved but this time no call – except fortunately from Francoise. As I left another resident was remonstrating with the police who were unsympathetic. I heard one say “C’est ca Bruxelles” which is an expression often used here and is like a shrug of the shoulders saying “that’s what life is like in Brussels.” At least I had managed to avoid the loss of time and energy not to mention the cost of going to search for my car.

One hour later I went out to walk the dog. There were two other cars parked in the suspended area and no sign of any work going on.

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