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The project team consists of a consortium of European Earth Observation companies from Austria, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. The Consortium is led by GeoVille, Austria, together with the partners VITO, Belgium, and CGI Italy / Netherlands.

The project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).


GeoVille is a private sector enterprise, founded in 1998, that successfully participated in more than 440 national and international projects. Through the foundation of GEO4A in 2018, a company dedicated to the provision of innovative solutions for the agricultural value chain with a special focus on the AgroFood industry, GeoVille took the next step to provide fitting EO products and services in the agricultural sector. and


VITO Remote Sensing is active in more than 115 countries and works with more than 80 national and international partners. It has built over the two decades expertise in addressing and translating remote sensing based user needs in an operational manner. This expertise has been built through the execution of different project in different domains and in collaboration with a variety of users, ranging from research institutes to intergovernmental regional training and capacity building centres and from private companies to the EU commission and UN organisations.

CGI Netherlands

CGI Netherlands provides specialised IT and business process services to the Earth observation sector and has an expertise in EO based downstream services.

CGI Italy

CGI Italy provides specialised IT and business process services to the Earth Observation sector and is specialised in enabling platform-based geoinformation solution provisions.

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