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  • EO4OG (Earth Observation for Oil & Gas)
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EO4OG (Earth Observation for Oil & Gas)


The oil and gas sector is not a newcomer to EO. Many companies have been exploring the use of this technology over the last 20+ years, both in-house and via specialist companies. The use of satellite earth observation is therefore firmly embedded within the oil and gas industry, through the whole oil and gas lifecycle from pre-acquisition to full operations. Earth observation can save costs and support health and safety, often at the same time. As the oil and gas industry confronts new challenges, for example in moving into high latitudes and in addressing increasingly stringent legislative requirements for environmental sustainability it is likely that earth observation will become increasingly important to the oil and gas industry. The challenge for the industry is now to establish good practises for the use of EO to further consolidate the position of this technology within the sector.


It is the purpose of these projects to establish the current EO capabilities and use for other activities the oil and gas sector is involved in, building upon mature and consolidated EO based services capabilities developed over the last 30 years.

  • Earth Observation for Oil and Gas: On-shore’ Project

  • Earth Observation for Oil and Gas: Off-shore’ Project


Task 1: Geo-information requirements gathering

Task 2: Definition of current EO capabilities and use

Task 3: Roadmap development

Task 4: Management


4 Teams:

  • On-shore: Hatfield
  • On-shore: OTM Consulting
  • Off-shore: C-Core
  • Off-shore: CLS

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