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EUROLAND provides high resolution thematic land use and land cover parameters at continental scale, addressing five different themes: impervious areas, forests, grassland, wetlands and small water bodies. At local scale it produces very high resolution Urban Atlas inventory and updates.

For more information on EUROLAND and the key benefits  please refer to theEUROLAND project task page.


The European Land Monitoring Service (EUROLAND) addresses the local (i.e. the Urban Atlas) and the continental component (i.e. high spatial resolution, wall-to-wall land cover parameters and land cover change) of the Land Monitoring Core Service (LMCS). More specifically the following information will be provided:


HR Layer Imperviousness
HR Layer Forest  - Forest Area, types,Crown Cover Density, Area change
HR Layer Grassland / change
HR Layer Wetland / change
HR Layer Water / change
Urban Atlas


see geoland



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