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Sign up

Welcome to the sign-up page for the EARSC EO Portal. The Portal provides a Community focus toll offering the ability to exchange information on EO services amongst registered users.

To be eligible to participate to the Portal, you must be engaged in the use, supply of or research into geo-information products coming from data and imagery collected using remote sensing platforms e.g satellites or UAV's. If you think you are eligible and wish to participate, kindly fill in your details in the form below and submit to the administrators who will contact you with your log-on details. This will usually be within a few hours but in some circumstances may take a few days. This is a manual process which is designed to keep the level of participation and the quality of information in the Portal at a high level.

It is a community based tool and users should be aware that other users of the Portal can see certain of their details entered; namely that you are a user of the Portal. Real names are used as log-ons and other users may e-mail you directly. Nevertheless, it is a restricted community with each user accredited by the administrators according to the guidelines and abuse of user rights will result in access rights being taken away.

Please note, to avoid spam and non-professional users, we shall only accept requests from domain names from a recognised, professional organisation (ie,, and not from generic domains (ie yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc) except with independent validation. By signing up, you accept the Terms and Conditions of use of the Portal.

The Portal is also home to a number of different communities which is expected to increase in the future. If you consider that you are eligible to join one of these communities see the information About the Portal. Note to return to this page, click on "Sign-up" in the side-bar or use the back button.

ConfiForms (Form View) Registrations Control
registrationMessageYour Request has been submitted and you will be contacted shortly.

ConfiForms Form Definition
readonlyAfterRegistrationMessageThank you for submitting your request. We shall deal with this and you should receive notification shortly.

false[yes=yes|no=no|]selecttruenewuserAre you a new user?



[unique]Sorry you can only register once. If you think there is a problem then please contact the administrator.texttrueemailE-mail address

texttrueorganisationOrganisation name

false[company=Company|Research Agency=RTO|University=University|Public Body=Public Body|]selecttrueOrganisationTypeType of Organisation


false[yes=Yes|no=No|]selecttruesupplierSupplier of geo-information services?

textsectorIf no, what sector of activity are you involved in?


checkboxtruetermsI accept the terms and conditions for the use of the Portal