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The European DataHub

The NextGEOSS project presents a new European vision of GEOSS data exploitation for innovation and business. It focuses on a fundamental change, where we optimize the connectivity of the European and global data centres with new discovery and processing methods. It exploits the latest advances in scientific data management in leveraging Web and Cloud technologies, offering easy and seamless access to all relevant data repositories as well as efficient operations (search, retrieval, processing/re-processing, visualization and analysis), for example to extract and distribute single parameters, or to combine products on user demand from federated infrastructures. NextGEOSS will create a data hub that demonstrates the potential of new advances in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to help develop and deploy new services requiring a wide variety of data sources and creating a solid foundation for capacity building through GEOSS community platforms.

The NextGEOSS project proposes to develop a centralised hub for Earth Observation data, where the users can connect to access data and deploy EO-based applications. The concept revolves around providing the data and resources to the users communities, together with Cloud resources, seamlessly connected to provide an integrated ecosystem for supporting applications. A central component of NextGEOSS is the strong emphasis put on engaging the communities of providers and users, and bridging the space in between.


Info to members on:

  • Delivers the next generation data hub and Earth Observation exploitation for innovation and business.
  • Engages communities promoting innovative GEOSS powered applications from Europe.
  • Advocates GEOSS as a sustainable European approach for Earth Observation data distribution and exploitation.

EARSC will be the leader of Task 7.5.  “Opening up to the Private Sector” and will participate actively in Task 8.4. “Sustainability”.