MAEOS Rationale

Marketplace Alliance for EO Services (MAEOS) is about establishing an initiative that brings together and unites European companies who are motivated to explore ways of promoting EO online services.

The requirement for such initiative is being driven by a fundamental change in the way that data and services are being delivered. The use of cloud computing and the growth in mobile applications that call, in real-time, on services from the internet is growing at an exponential rate. In 2 to 3 years’ time, the majority of data and services will be delivered in this way so it is critical that every help is provided to the European EO Service Industry to ensure it is not left behind.

Looking at the entire value chain, MAEOS is addressing the Knowledge Tier by promoting information services derived from geospatial and Earth Observation data. eoMALL ( is one fo the first action of the MAEOS group.


eoMALL benefits

eoMALL ( is the web platform dedicated to the promoting of online services delivered by European companies members of the EARSC. eoMALL is using a case studies approach to improve the understanding of the value of EO online services. eoMALL landing page is using a case studies approach to illustrate in different markets the benedfits of EO. Advanced users may have a straight forward access to services using the link "galleries" in the top menu.

eoMALL aims to support companies to get new customers from new markets.

  • From the landing page, without any registration, the web-user has the possibility to define topics of interest which will act as a filter to propose a first selection of services. He can scroll down to progressively get from generic to specific information to improve its understanding.
  • All services promoted on the eoMALL respect a common template description which has been defined in the MAEOS groupe to allow a simple comparison of services.
  • Web user needs to register to have access to the link to the selling point.
  • For companies, eoMALL is a way to improve its understanding of the new online market: analytics gathered on the platform will be shared with all companies involved.
  • To promote a service on the eoMALL, the company has to be an EARSC member and to pay a fee. A trial period is defined.
  • EARSC is operating the eoMALL and is promoting the eoMALL to maximize the traffic to the platform and to generate new leads for companies. Communication campaign (online and offline inc. oral presentation, booth in conferences) is global and not limited to Europe. 



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Key Documents

MAEOS Charter

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