Project title

eSurge is a ESA DUE funded program whose goal is to improve the uptake of EO data for the study and forecasting of Storm Surges.  


A storm surge is an abnormally high sea level produced by severe atmospheric conditions, lasting for a period ranging from a few minutes to a few days. They can be extremely destructive, causing extensive flooding, severe damage to property and infrastructure, and in extreme cases significant loss of life. EO data can help forecast and track such storm surges in a number of ways. Most basically, visible and infrared satellite images can be used to track the progress of storms and estimate their landfall location.Satellite altimetry techniques can be used to measure the volume of water at a particular location, which can indicate how severe the surge will be. SAR data can be used to measure the wind speed and Sea Surface Temperature can be used to estimate the intensity of the storm. It is the goal of eSurge to help provide such data to the storm surge science community. 


The eSurge project aims to improve the uptake of EO data, by:

  • Providing easy access to relevant data for a wide range of historical surge events.
  • Making data products available in near real time during ongoing surge events.
  • Performing studies and experiments to demonstrate the value of this data.
  • Running workshops and training courses to help users make best use of the data available. 

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