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2013 Insurance Flood Trial DisasterfloodsinsuranceEuropeGermany
Bathymetry for off-shore explorationUse of optical imagery for shallow water bathymetry and sea-floor classificationMarinecoastalO&GMiddle eastQatar
Bering sea projectUse of EO to provide the environmental context supporting research shipsMarineecosystemsO&GN AmericaAlaska
Oil tanker loading: river plume localisationMapping river plumes to assist oil tanker loadingMarineecosystemO&GAfricaCongo
Current MeasurementsUsing EO to model currents and optimise meter locations.MarinemetoceanO&GS AmericaBrazil
Current vein locationsUse of sea-height data to map the location of ocean currentsMarinemetoceanO&GAfricaS Africa
Determine meteorological and oceanographic conditionsDevelop a better understanding of the off-shore environment in new exploration areas.MarinemetoceanO&GN AmericaCanada
Environmental impact assessmentMapping of the coastal and marine ecosystem to support risk assessments to the environmentMarineecosystemO&GEuropeUK

Forest Management in Sweden

Use of clear cut maps to manage the forests in SwedenLandforest



G-NEXT: for supporting external security actions

use of EO to Security Services for Supporting EU External ActionSecurityBorderHumanitarianGlobal 
Environmental Impact: Deepwater HorizonMapping with time the evolution of the oil spill and environmental impact after the deepwater horizon accidentMarineecosystemO&GN AmericaUSA

Habitat Monitoring

monitor the impact of infrastructure (road) development on the habitat.Built EnvironmentInfrastructureConstructionEuropeGreece

Planning and operating power farms

support the planning and operation of power farmsBuilt EnvironmentInfrastructureAlternative EnergyEurope 

Improved Flood Warnings on ice-bound rivers

protect property and save lives through improved flood warnings near ice-bound rivers.DisasterfloodsinsuranceN AmericaCanada

Improving Seismic surveys: planning, acquisition and processing

help understand near-surface effects on seismic dataLandgeologyO&GAfricaAlgeria
Surface windsMeasuring wind speeds to assist platform placementMarinemetoceanO&GMiddle eastSyria

Reservoir monitoring with INSAR

monitor oil reservoirsLand
Land motionO&GMiddle East 

Monitoring Dredging Plumes and Water Quality

dredge monitoring solution to satisfy regulatory requirementsMarineecosystemO&GOceanaAustralia

New UNESCO world heritage site

monitor heritage sitesLand Land useInternational bodiesN AmericaMexico
Ocean circulation modelKnowledge of local currents to support oil field operationsMarinemetoceanO&GS AmericaBrazil
Ocean Model ValidationUse of EO data to validate different ocean modelsMarinemetoceanO&GAsiaIndonesia
Oilfield performanceStudy into the Ghawar oil fieldBuilt EnvironmentinfrastructureO&GMiddle EastSaudi Arabia

Oil seep and seismic correlation study

assess hydrocarbon system in the Adriatic to support ongoing licensing roundMarineecosystemsO&GEuropeItaly
Oil spill disaster in the Gulf of MexicoMonitor and predict the oil spill in case of disasterMarineecosystemO&GN AmerciaMexico
Pipeline encroachment monitoringIntegration of different products to provide alerts in case of ground movement or encroachment on oil pipelinesLandland motionO&GN AmericaCanada

Pipeline infrastructure in the Netherlands

Use of inSAR to monitor gas and water pipeline infrastructure in The NetherlandsLandland motionUtilitiesEuropeNetherlands

Pipeline Integrity Management from Space

use of EO for pipeline monitoringLandland motion




Provision of 3D Mapping Data

generate new and update existing geological maps in extremely geologically active, heavily clouded regions.LandgeologyLocal plannersAsiaIndonesia
Railway line monitoringmonitor critical infrastructureLandinfrastructuretransportAsiaRussia

Monitor illegal forestry

Wide area coverage using Rapideye data to assess deforestationLandforestplannersS AmericaBrazil
Oil-sands watershed disturbance monitoringRegional monitoring of oil sands impact on the watershedLandinland waterO&GN AmericaCanada

Operational risk in ice-prone waters

Monitor sea-ice and icebergs to support risk assessment in polar watersMarineiceO&GN AmericaCanada

Relief after Earthquake damage

assess damage from earthquakesDisasterearthquake

Emergency Services

S AmericaChile

Satellite-based oil spill detection

monitor oil spills in European watersMarineecosystemPublic authoritiesEuropeNorway

Satellite based oil spill detection and impact assessment – The chronology of the Deepwater Horizon Accident

monitor oil spillsMarineecosystemO&GN AmericaUSA

Satellite images contributing to rescue persons

detect migrants boatsSecuritymigrationPublic authoritiesEurope 

Improving waste management practices

improve waste management practicesLandecosystemregional plannersEuropeItaly

Sea turbidity monitoring

monitor water qualityMarineecosystemConstructionGlobal 
Seismic planning and flood risk in KenyaAssessing the flood risk to support planning of seismic surveyDisasterfloodO&GAfricaKenya
Seismic planning and flood risk in PeruAssessing the flood risk to support planning of seismic surveyDisasterfloodO&GS AmericaPeru

Shale Development: Improve Operation Efficiency   

improve operational flows and planningLandgeologyO&GN AmericaUSA
Ship arrival time serviceUsing metocean conditions to improve the prediction of ship arrival time and improve logistics.MarineshipstransportGlobal 
Ship piracy and wave dataUse of wave data (Globwave) to help predict ship piracy activities.MarinemetoceantransportAfrica 
Shore Type Mapping used to reduce oil spill impactMapping of the shore to improve responsiveness in case of an oil spillMarineecosystempublic authoritiesEuropeSweden
Soft surface mappingMapping of soft areas to support oil exploration and development activitiesLandland coverO&GMiddle eastUAE
Surface deformation mapping with InSARUse of terrain measurement to monitor the movement of CO2 storageLandland motionO&GAfricaAlgeria
Surface geological mappingMapping of the surface to assess reservoirs and support geological modellingLandgeologyO&GAfricaEgypt

SAR contribution to REDD+ MRV

Use of TerraSAR-X to assess deforestationLandforest



Support to Deforestation in Borneo 

TerraSAR-X used to provide the intelligence required to halt illegal deforestation.Landforest


Validating Space Observations for Flooding with Crowdsourcing In-Situ Observationsusing crowdsourcing for obtaining in-situ data for EO, whether it is for an immediate emergency, or a more slowly evolving disasterDisasterFloodingEmergency Services AsiaThailand
Sea surface slick

Joint analysis of hydrocarbon potential in Ireland’s Porcupine Basin


Winter navigation in the Baltic

Use of satellite imagery to support winter navigation in the Baltic SeaMarinesea iceTransportEuropeFinland




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