Market Sector


EO Services

Local and regional planners

Town / city authorities,
Regional governments,
Architects and

Monitor air quality
Monitor pollution in rivers and lakes
Monitor building development
Assess land value, ownership, type, use
Assess changes in land use and quality
Detect land movement; subsidence, heave
Measure land-use statistics
Monitor high risk areas
Assess pressures on populations and migration
Assess changes to urban and rural areas
Map urban areas
Monitor urban development

Emergency Services

Coast guards,
Ambulance services,
Fire services,
Police services,
Civil protection organisations,
Rescue Services.

Detect and monitor arid areas
Detect and monitor wildfires
Map and assess flooding
Forecast and assess landslides
Assess and monitor volcanic activity
Forecast and map large waves
Assess damage from earthquakes
Monitor snow cover
Detect and monitor hurricanes and typhoons

Education, training and research

Schools and Education Authorities,
Research Organisations,
Professional Training Organisations.

Assess changes in the carbon balance
Assess climate change risk
Map geological features
Monitor high risk areas
Assess changes to urban and rural areas

Security, Defence and military

Border control organisations,
Police and rescue forces,
Military services,
Intelligence Services.

Monitor land border incursions
Detect sensitive risk areas
Monitor high risk areas
Assess pressures on populations and migrations
Detect ships in critical areas.

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