Project title

PROtocol MOniToring for the GMES Service Element:Atmosphere


To deliver the Atmosphere GMES Service Element a sustainable and reliable operational service to support informed decisions on the atmospheric policy issues of stratospheric ozone depletion, surface UV exposure, air quality and climate change.


The GMES Service Element for Atmosphere PROMOTE delivers policy-relevant services on multiple atmospheric issues to end-users. With a large consortium of 20 institutes, including service providers and researchers, PROMOTE focuses on stratospheric ozone, surface ultraviolet radiation, air quality, greenhouse gases, and special services. PROMOTE services assist user organizations in the public sector in things such as their monitoring obligations and in their tasks to warn the public for air pollution episodes or enhanced levels of ultraviolet radiation. Currently about 50 such user organisations in 16 European countries have signed a Service Level Agreement with PROMOTE. With these services PROMOTE reaches out to 30 % (air quality) or even 60% (UV) of the population in EU25. International organizations like EEA and WMO are provided with information such as long-term satellite data on stratospheric ozone and up-to-date information, including forecasts, on the Antarctic ozone hole.

One of the biggest challenges of PROMOTE is to integrate existing ground based air quality networks with models and the newly available satellite measurements on air pollution in order to generate accurate daily information on air pollution levels over Europe. PROMOTE covers spatial scales from the ozone hole to polluted streets in London and temporal scales from climate and ozone trends across decades to hourly information on ultraviolet radiation levels on Mediterranean beaches.

The close interaction of providers and users in the project during the consolidation stage ensures high-quality services directly addressing users' needs.


The list of project partners and their involvement in PROMOTE.

PartnerThemeRolepoint of contact
ACRI-STAir quality servicesService providerMr. Antoine Mangin
ARGOSS, Vollenhove, the NetherlandsAir quality servicesService providerDr. Hein Zelle
AUTHAir quality servicesAssociated partnerProf. Dimitris Balis
BIRAOzone services
Air quality services
Validation coordination office
Service providerDr. Michel Van Roozendael
CERCAir quality servicesService providerDr. Iarla Kilbane-Dawe
CGSAir quality servicesService providerDr. Walter DiNicolantonio
DLRProject management
Ozone services,
UV services,
Air quality services,
Greenhouse gas and aerosol services
Promotion and training coordinator
Service providerDr. Thomas Holzer-Popp
DWDUV servicesAssociated partnerDr. Gudrun Laschewski
FlyByUV servicesService providerDr. Emilio Simeone
FMIUV services,
Air quality services
Service providerMr. Aapo Tanskanen
GeoID BVBAAir quality servicesResearch partnerMr. Tom Op't Eyndt
GMVAir quality services
Greenhouse gas and aerosol services
Service provider
Research partner
Mr. Celestino Gomez
INERISAir quality servicesService providerMs. Laurence Rouïl
KNMIOzone services,
Air quality services
Greenhouse gas inversion
Web portal
Service providerDr. Ronald van der A
NERIAir quality servicesService providerMr. Martin Hvidberg
NILUAir quality services
User federation (co-lead)
Research partner
Dr. Aasmund Fahre Vik
RIUAir quality servicesService providerDr. Hendrik Elbern
SkySoft S.A.Air quality servicesService providerMr. Luis Nunes
TNOAir quality servicesResearch partnerProf. Peter Builtjes
UBA-ALeader User FederationUserDr. Robert Höller
UB (University of Bremen)Air quality services,
Greenhouse gas and aerosol services
Research partnerDr. Heinrich Bovensmann
UG (University of Ireland, Galway)Greenhouse gas and aerosol servicesResearch partnerProf. S. Gerard Jennings
UL (University of Leicester)Greenhouse gas and aerosol servicesResearch partnerDr. Paul S. Monks
VITOAir quality servicesService providerDr. Koen De Ridder


List of institutes

PartnerInstitute name and country
ACRIACRI-ST, Société de Recherche & Développement basée à Sophia-Antipolis, France
AUTHAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
BIRA-IASBBelgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Belgium
CERCCambridge Environmental Research Consultants, United Kingdom
CGSCarlo Gavazzi Space, Italy
DLRGerman Remote Sensing Data Center, Germany
DWDDeutscher Wetterdienst, Germany
FlyBy s.r.l.FyBy, Italy
FMIFinnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
GeoID BVDAGeoID, Belgium
GMV S.A.GMV, Spain
INERISL'Institut national de l'environnement industriel et des risques, France
KNMIRoyal Dutch Meteorological Institute, Netherlands
NERINational Environmental Research Inst., Denmark
NILUNorsk institutt for luftforskning, Norway
RIUFörderverein des Rheinischen Institutes für Umweltforschung, Germany
SkySoft S.A.SkySoft, Portugal
TNONederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek, Netherlands
UBA-AUmweltbundesamt, Austria
UBUniversität Bremen, Germany
UGNational University of Ireland, Gallway, Ireland
ULUniversity of Leicester, United Kingdom
VITOVlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek, Belgium

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