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Maritime Security Services


The MARitime Security Service project (MARISS) is a Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Service Element (GSE) initiative, which responds to one of the consolidated needs of GSE: Maritime Security. The project, which is supported by the European Space Agency, is the result of European concern over the illegal marine trafficking.


The Maritime Security GSE encompasses a wide range of policy sectors, user communities and information services. Furthermore, one of the main services integrating it is Maritime Border Surveillance, which requires the integration of coastal radar information, Vessel Detection Systems, Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTS) and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), with airborne and Earth Observation (EO) data. Within this framework, MARISS intends to fuse these different types of data, as well as to further improve the information currently provided, and finally achieve the consolidation of operational services.
In harmony with these objectives, the MARISS team has defined a strategic plan divided in three distinct phases:

  • PHASE I, dedicated to Security Service Consolidation and scheduled for 2005-2006, aims to deliver MARISS precursor security services to selected end-users;
  • PHASE II, dedicated to Security Services Scaling-Up and scheduled for 2006-2008, aims to deliver MARISS scaled-up security services together with innovative services using new EO data (ESA Sentinel-1 family , Cosmo/Skymed, TerraSAR-X, etc);
  • PHASE III, dedicated to Security Service Operations and scheduled for 2008-2011, providing a fully consolidated and optimised space and user infrastructures context.

GMES Services for integrate maritime surveillance:

  • Alcatel Alenia Space
  • CLS
  • D'Appolonia
  • Definiens
  • DLR
  • EADS Astrium
  • EUSC
  • GMV
  • JRC
  • KSAT
  • NOA
  • Qinetiq
  • Selex
  • Spot Image
  • Starlab

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