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Market Sector


EO Services

Environmental, Pollution & Climate

European Commission,
United Nations,
International meteorological bodies,
European and International Agencies,
National environment authorities,
Environment consultants,

Assess environmental impact of farming
Monitor air quality
Assess changes in the carbon balance
Assess climate change risk
Assess crop acreage and yield harvest
Forecast crop yields
Assess environmental impact of human activities
Detect changes in glaciers
Monitor water use on crops and horticulture
Assess land value, ownership, type use etc
Assess changes in land use and quality
Measure land-use statistics
Detect and monitor oil slicks
Monitor land pollution
Assess dredging operations impacts
Detect and monitor ice-risk at sea
Forecast and monitor ocean movement and drift

Humanitarian Operations and Health

Humanitarian aid organisations,
Health organisations,
Humanitarian support organisations.

Detect and monitor arid areas
Detect sensitive risk areas
Map disaster areas (Situation Awareness)
Monitor water use on crops and horticulture
Monitor humanitarian movement and camps
Assess pressures on populations and migration
Monitor air quality
Forecasting epidemics and diseases
Forecasting sunlight exposure

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