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Europe’s ambitious global environmental monitoring programme, GMES COPERNICUS, is paving the way towards hunderds of new and operational Satellite Information Services and Products. Besides the standard Copernicus services, there are many other highly qualified and specialized space and airborne products and services becoming available.


Often based on a combination of different remote sensing technologies, mature and operational information services and products have a clear user community as target. These services are increaslingly being developed in customized software applications, with clear client needs and industry requirements in thought. More and more, they make fully use of the variation of devices available, going from servers, over personal desktops, tablets and smartphones. The public interest in the possibility and use of geospatial services has never been this high. The list of adressed issues with remote sensing information services and products is long and constantly increasing.  

The sector evolves towards products and services on two levels: there are basic information services as a standard and free service on which new adding-value and highly specialized information services and products are being developed. These services focus on specific sectors like the oil and gas sector, insurance companies, authorities, etc. but also specialize on particular issues like database management, field reporting, project tracking, etc., that have integrated the use of remote sensing services in the application. 

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