Projects concerned with EO Quality and Standards.


GeoViQua is a recently started FP7 project (ENV.2010.4.1.2-2; nr 265178) focused on adding rigorous quality specifications to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) spatial data in order to improve reliability in scientific studies and policy decision making. Quality visualization and search tools will be integrated to the public GEOPortal to assist in the spatial data discrimination for scientific purposes; the project will also contribute to the definition of a GEOLabel concept reflecting scientific relevance, quality, acceptance and societal needs. To achieve all this, several pilot cases spread over the whole Earth Observation chain are performed, considering remote sensing acquisition and data processing, and its application to the main GEO (Group on Earth Observations) Societal Benefit Areas (SBA): Health, Disasters, Weather, Energy, Water, Climate, Agriculture, Ecology and Biodiversity.

GeoViQua main objective is to improve the GCI providing the user community with innovative quality-aware visualisation and advanced geo-search capabilities making them available through the GEOPortal and other end-user implementations. To this end, GeoViQua will attach standard quality parameters to the current meta-data making it available to users and experts, producing more reliable studies about Earth systems and their dynamics, and tagging spatial information by means of a quality label: the GEOLabel.

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