Project title

GLOWASIS (GMES Global Water Scarcity Information Service)


The main objective of the proposed project GLOWASIS is to pre-validate a GMES Global Service for Water Scarcity Information


GLOWASIS is a new collaborative European FP7 project aimed at pre-validation of a GMES Global Water Scarcity Information Service. It will use data from GMES Core Services Land and Ocean.
GLOWASIS combines in-situ satellite data and hydrological forecasting models to create a global information portal on water scarcity.
GLOWASIS’ information will contribute both in near-real time reporting for emerging drought events as well as in provision of climate change time series. By combining complex water cycle variables, governmental issues and economic relations with respect to water demand, GLOWASIS will aim for the needed streamlining of the wide variety of important water scarcity information. More awareness for the complexity of the water scarcity problem will be created and additional capabilities of satellite-measured water cycle parameters can be promoted.


water scarcity information


Deltares (Netherlands, coordinator)
CNR-ISAC (Italy)
JRC (EC. Belgium)
NEO (Netherlands)
University Utrecht (Netherlands)
TU Wien (Austria)
TNO (Netherlands)
University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
IMGW (Poland)
University of Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa)


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