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ESA’s IAP programme for developing sustainable integrated space-based applications.

IAP Programme

Space assets provide excellent opportunities for enabling new services or innovative improvements in existing services.

ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme is focussed on realising these opportunities. It does this through supporting the development of customised, operational services for a wide range of users where different (space and terrestrial) systems are combined in response to satisfying actual user needs. IAP places strong emphasis on sustainable applications and service business cases, where close partnerships with service customers and end-users foster new and wider utilisation of existing space capacity and capability. The resulting services will rely on the most appropriate technologies, drawn from space systems and terrestrial / in-situ systems, integrated into a value chain and service delivery model to best meet user needs. For the purposes of IAP, services need to make use of a combination of two or more space assets (Earth Observation, Telecommunication, Navigation and Human Space Flight technologies) together with complementary non-space systems. The technologies involved should be mature enough so that the service or product can be brought to market in the short term.

ESA’s IAP activities are normally undertaken as Feasibility Studies or Demonstration projects, depending on service readiness, scale and value. Funding is normally on a 50% basis for co-funded activities developed by direct negotiation. 100% funding is possible in the case of ESA initiated Open Competitions. More tender information on Open Competitions, Open Calls, Call for User Ideas and Intended Tenders is available on the ARTES Applications website:

IAP opportunities

If you are willing to develop a commercial, operational service solution meeting the needs of user communities then you could engage with the IAP programme to drive this service forward to a sustainable status, demonstrating:

  • The use of at least two space assets and a clear added value for their inclusion;

  • A clear user-driven perspective and potentially the active involvement of the users;

  • The innovativeness of the proposed solution, as well as its feasibility and viability;

  • Market potential of the solution;

  • Credible background and experience.

More information is available on:

IAP Ambassador Platform Network

The IAP Ambassador Platform concept was introduced to bridge across to new user communities, and to make connections in areas outside the traditional scope of space activities. The role of the Ambassador Platforms is to assist users and service providers to access and utilise IAP to develop sustainable services. They conduct a broad range of outreach and awareness raising activities across multiple sectors on the potential of satellite applications, develop relationships with new and existing users and stakeholders, and inform them of the opportunities available within the IAP programme. This enables identification of user needs, and encourages involvement of all relevant service stakeholders. Ambassador Platforms are hosted by external organisations that have the necessary expertise and networks to interface between ESA and stakeholders of potential services across different geographic or thematic focus areas.

Contacts and information on the IAP Ambassador Platform network is available on:

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