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The vision of the CryoClim initiative is to develop new operational services for long-term systematic climate monitoring of the cryosphere. The system and services proposed will be designed to be integrated into the planned international system of systems for global monitoring (GEOSS) – the part of the system aimed for climate monitoring.


Main functionality and system requirements

  1. The system functionality will be provided through web services.
  2. The web services should follow state-of-the-art principles for spatial data.
  3. The service offered by the system will be free of charge.
  4. he product production chains and the corresponding databases should be hosted by mandated organisations.
  5. The databases should be integrated over the Internet in a seamless and scalable network, which is open for inclusion of other databases/sub-services in the future.
  6. The system tools should be state-of-the-art open solutions following international standards.

Sea Ice Concentration

Sea Ice Edge

Snow Cover Extent (PMR)

Snow Cover Extent (optical)

Snow Cover Extent (multi-sensor)

Glacier Area Outline

Glacier-dammed Lake Outline

Glacier Periodic Photo

Glacier Surface Type

Glacier Balance Area

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Norsk Romsenter - Norwegian Space Centre


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