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Dear members,


As you might have seen in the November monthly report, we have started to develop the technology watch part of the EO portal with a particular focus initially on technologies of interest to the Oil & Gas sector ie OGEO. The aim is to be able to present products which are close to market so that customers can take account of what will shortly be available. The exception will be satellite systems where the lead time is long and potential customers may need to be engaged earlier in the system development.


Technologies are organized in 6 sections:

  • Information services and products

  • Missions

  • Satellite communication

  • Satellite imagery

  • Satellite positioning: GNSS & Satellite-AIS

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)


while the structure will follow the format:

  • Innovation

  • Impact

  • Concept

  • Technical details

  • Multi-media

  • Contact info


The pages are intended to provide an up-to-date assessment of new technologies in language that is accessible to non-specialists (i.e, providing basic info about the impact of new technologies in relevant sectors, analyses relevant standardization activities, with a view to identifying areas for new work, etc...

We have over 250 users of the Portal with about half coming from the Oil & Gas sector. This is a very focused group of experts in the use of GIS and/or EO technology within the Oil & Gas companies and you have the opportunity to promote your new ideas directly to those interested to hear about them. Everyone is encouraged to include information about their new products where they are very close to market. For a limited time we shall be able to add information on a "first come first served basis" for you but later you will need to do this directly yourselves.

Best regards,

EARSC secretariat.


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