Following the Sentinel-1A launch on 3 April, the Launch and Early Orbit Phase
 (LEOP) was successfully  completed  on 6 April. The orbital maneuvers to raise the satellite altitude and reach the reference orbit from the low injection orbit by the Soyuz launcher (-7.8 km) were completed on August 7.

A  joint  European  Commission-ESA  press  event  was  organised  on 8 May in
Brussels  on  “Sentinel-1A  first  images and demonstration of applications”,
where  excellent  initial results were presented by external experts. Initial
samples  of  Sentinel-1A  preliminary products were made available on-line to
all  users  on  9  May  at  Further  Data  sets are
regularly  released  via this site for familiarisation purpose and to support
preparatory  user  activities. 

The satellite Commissioning Phase is ongoing and is planned to be completed by end September, after which initial operational data provision will start. The observation scenario covering the first three months (October to December) is being prepared and will be made available to the user communities late September. Full and open access to the Sentinel-1 data for all user communities is planned for early January 2015.

(info provided by ESA)


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