Telespazio Vega UK (TVUK) is the prime contractor on the ESA Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Common Architecture project. As part of this contract, ESA is intending to act as a sponsor to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Interoperability Testbed 15. The intended ITT applies only to the ESA sponsored Earth Observation Process and Application Discovery (EOPAD) Thread.

In line with the principles of OGC, TVUK on behalf of ESA will provide cost-sharing funds to partially offset expenses uniquely associated with the Exploitation Platform Thread. 

The intended procurement runs in parallel with OGC Testbed 15 Call For Participation (CFP), which is planned to be published on 7th January 2019. The anticipated start date for the project is 2-4th April 2019 with a Kick-off Workshop Event. 

Bidders wishing to participate in other Testbed 15 threads should submit a separate bid directly to OGC’s CFP published on 7th January 2019 at ESA SPONSORED TESTBED 15 CONTEXT

Testbed-15 supports the development of ESA’s Exploitation Platform Common Architecture – building upon the outcomes of Testbed-13/14 in which applications are packaged as Docker containers and deployed/executed through a WPS interface. The focus of this Testbed-15 activity is to define the building blocks through which such applications/services can be exposed through a Catalogue to facilitate user discovery, parameterisation and invocation. The goal is to develop a Data Model and associated interoperable software for user search/discovery with management interfaces for providers to create/update/delete their applications. The outcome will provide recommendations for evolution of the existing standards baseline.

The ITT is published by TVUK Limited on EMITS.


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