EOEPCA team participated in this workshop by introducing the objectives and goal of the Common Architecture (EOEPCA).

The overall goal of EOEPCA is that the generic architecture and related implementation become the reference architecture and reference implementation for the future exploitation of Earth Observation data in a distributed environment.

Exploitation Platform

“Bringing the User to the Data” - A collaborative, virtual work environment providing access to EO data, algorithms, tools and ICT resources required for their use.


  • To define, through public discussion and consensus, a generic architecture for EO Exploitation Platforms and its interconnection in a Network
  • To promote the adoption of the generic architecture as a Reference Architecture
  • To implement this architecture, leveraging on free and open source software, as a Reference Implementation reusable by third-parties

  • To reuse, adapt or define new open standards (mainly OGC) for the interfaces of the architecture

  • To support the use of the Reference Architecture and the Reference Implementation, by thirdparties, in order to reduce their investment costs in development and operations of EO Exploitations Platforms

  • To validate, through operational deployment the Reference Implementation, thus validating the Generic Architecture

You can download the presentation here.


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