EOEPCA team participated in this workshop that assessed the opportunities for Atlantic region focused on EO research and development, downstream activities and ICT evolution. 


[EO] Earth Observation, [EP] Exploitation Platforms, [CA] Common Architecture

What is it?

  • Open, consensus based architecture for Exploitation Platform within Network of EO Resources
  • Interoperability facilitated by use of Open Standards for interfaces/data
  • Aims at becoming a Reference Architecture with reusable Reference Implementation

The overall goal is that the generic architecture and related implementation become the reference architecture and reference implementation for the future exploitation of EO data in a distributed environment.

What are the benefits?

  • End-users benefit from a consistent experience
  • Experts benefit with ‘portable’ services across platforms
  • Ability to access datasets from other domains
  • Possibility to build workflows that bring in processing at other facilities
  • Platform providers can more easily integrate with other similar platforms
  • Re-use of Reference Implementation as building blocks

EOEPCA team provided a presentation that can be found here.


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